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Brother Sewing MachineCustom Built SystemsFeatured ProductsSystem Specials


This special promotion features a Brother S-7250A:
Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher w/Electronic Feeding System and Thread Trimmer.

Model:-303 & -403-305 & -405
Application:Medium WeightHeavy Weight
Lubrication:Minimum LubricationMinimum Lubrication
Max. Sewing Speed:5,000Sti/Min*14,000Sti/Min
Max. Back Tacking Speed:3,000Sti/Min3,000Sti/Min
Max Stitch Length:5mmMax 7mm(Default Setting 5mm)
Thread Trimming Mechanism:Single Action Trimming Mechanism (Ordinary Type)Single Action Trimming Mechanism (Ordinary Type)
Presser Foot Height:Presser Bar Lifter: 6mm, Knee Lifter: 13mmPresser Bar Lifter: 6mm, Knee Lifter: 13mm
Needle Bar Stroke:31mm35mm
Needle (DBX1-DPX5):#11-#18(Nm75-110)#19-#22(Nm120-140)
Height of Feed Dog:0.8mm1.2mm
Motor:AC Servo MotorAC Servo Motor
Power:100-110V(*2), 200V-230V, 380V-400V(*2) Under 450VA100-110V(*2), 200V-230V, 380V-400V(*2) Under 450VA
*1: Stitch Length 2.0mm and under*2: The transformer is required.

Contact Mr. Rob @ +1 (270) 887 – 5066 For Special Pricing Today!

View the Brother S-7250A Machine Flyer Below:

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Please Contact Mr. Rob @ +1 (270) 887 – 5066 For Special Pricing Today!

Cutting, Spreading & Moving EquipmentDanduxFeatured Products

DANDUX Elevated Trucks & Baskets

Dandux Elevated Fabric Baskets increase production by helping eliminate the need for the operator to uncomfortably bend, stoop, reach and lift. Ideal for sewing, embroidering and sorting operations. A must for cut and sew operations, factories, mills and retail stores. Perfect for under counter storage, narrow aisle applications or in space challenging environment. Dandux elevated baskets remain stationary, while Dandux elevated trucks add the benefit of mobility.

The fabric body model (Series 40-130 and 40-130C): features standard heavy duty white canvas or yellow Glosstex™, and are reinforced at all critical wear points. High tensile electro welded spring steel makes up the high quality frame. The liner supports are plated flat steel welded at all cross points. Rubber, 3″ swivel casters are mounted to kiln-dried hardwood caster boards for strength and durability.

The Poly body model is molded from high quality polyethylene and bolted to a rugged powder coated tubular steel frame. Rubber, 3″ swivel casters makes for easy transport.


2 24 14 13.25 26 30 3 10 14
3 26 18 14.25 26 30 3 12 15
4 26 18 18.25 26 30 3 14 18
6 30 20 20.50 26 30 3 16 20
All dimensions are Nominal            
4 26 18 18.25 29.75 3 N/A 25
6 30 20 20.50 32.25 3 N/A 32
All dimensions are Nominal          

Dandux Extra Duty Basket Colors (Glosstex™ & Poly) – Minimum quantities and/or upcharges may apply!

Sanitary Liners: Durable white nylon w/elastic cord sewn in into the hem for a snug fit. Liner can be removed and washed. Available in sizes 6-20 Bushel; Available with or without flap over cover.
Sanitary Cap: Protects contents of your Dandux truck or basket. White, made of long lasting nylon fabric and held in place with a strong elastic band. Available in sizes 6-20.
Makes loading and unloading basket or truck easier, faster and safer. Ergonomically moves the load up to or away from operator. Available in plywood or strong metal frame covered with Glosstex™. Equiped w/bungee cords or canvas covered sprints.Economical way to restore your Dandux Extra Duty Truck or Basket. Easy to install – these replacement lace-on liners comes in standard plain white canvas or yellow Glosstex™. Liners have rustproof grommets in reinforced hem for lacing to frame. Comes in optional colors. (Minimums or up charges may apply)Casters are equipped with thread guards and are available in a variety of caster patterns and optional sizes. Available in both rigid and swivel style.

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Cutting, Spreading & Moving EquipmentEastman ProductsFeatured Products

Expandable Spreader

The Eastman Expandable Spreader is conducive to spreading multiple layers of various width materials using one system. The maneuverable spreader (roll bar) adjusts one-way or face-to-face spreading. Ideal for smaller shops with cloth rolls less than 150 lbs. (68 kg) or as emergency machine for cutting rooms with motorized spreaders. The manual edge control and lifters guide the material as the operator spreads it along the cutting table.

Optional Features:
Double Uprights
Cloth Weights – 24 in. (60.96 cm) / 36 in.(91.55 cm) / 48 in.(121.92 cm) increments
Extended Height Capacity – 2 in. (5.08 cm) / 4 in.(10.16 cm) / 6 in.(15.24 cm) increments

More Info:
Spread Height – Maximum:9 in. (22.9 cm) / 15 in.(38.1 cm) – Optional
Roll Weight – Maximum:150 Lbs. (68kg)
Roll Diameter – Maximum24 In. (60.96 cm)
Roll Width:78 in. (1.98 m)
Machine Weight:75 Lbs. (34kg)

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Cutting, Spreading & Moving EquipmentEastman ProductsFeatured Products

Eastman “Mini-Bat” Rotary Shear

Eastman “Mini-Bat” (BBat) 2-1/32″ 3.6V Battery Operated Rotary Sheer.
Special item from our Online Warehouse! Only a few left! Uses round blade for general use, or hexagon blade for sheer or difficult to cut cloth. Button operated on/off switch. Built-in pushbutton sharpener for ensuring a fine keen edge on the blade. Powered by VP100 re-chargeable batteries. Included in box – 2 x VP100 Batteries and 1 x VP130 two-port charger for continuous operation!

DSI #: T180002-341
$50.00 /+Tax&Ship.

The item listed herein is sold as-is. No warranty. No returns. No refunds.

Please Contact Your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today For All Your EASTMAN Cutting Needs!

Fastening & TaggingFeatured ProductsLabelingTennessee Imports Labels


Full Line of Labels for Shade and Price Marking

Available in sizes: 22×12, 26×12, 26×16, 26×19 & 29×28
Tamper Proof Labels for Price Marking Also Available!

Tennessee Imports Labels Are Made in Italy to our Exacting Spesifications.

Label Types:

PM400V – Our lowest cost label

PM400 – The Most Common Label – Suitable for Most Fabrics

S631 – Labels Can Be Pressed and Removed Without Leaving Residue

S470 – Label With Stronger Adhesive for Difficult Fabrics & Price Marking

S451 – A Label with our Strongest Adhesive Only for the Most Difficult Fabrics (White Only)

Please Contact Your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today For All Your Tennessee Import Label Needs!

Featured ProductsTools

DSI Mechanics Tool Bag

Great DSI canvas tool bag. 16″ long tool bag w/4 pockets (1 large main tool storage area (main pocket) w/zipper & 3 outside zipper pockets). Sturdy canvas carry handles. Made in U.S.A.

Please Contact Your Preferred DSI Sales Office For All Your Tool Needs!

Featured ProductsGroz-Beckert Needles

Special Application Needle: SAN®12

Groz-Beckert Special Applications Needle “SAN®12” for 2-needle machines sewing in leather and technical textile. Comes in several varieties.

The SAN®12 needle is especially designed for leather and technical textile uses, where the appearance of 2-needle decorative seams is imperative. The SAN®12 needle comes with Groz-Beckert’s GEBEDUR® titanium nitride coating, giving the needle surface a higher degree of hardness, making the needle more wear-resistant (particularly protecting against damage around the point and eye). GEBEDUR® coating on the Groz-Beckert SAN®12 needle extends the service life of the needle, leading to consitently high seam quality and increased productivity.

The SAN12 LR and the SAN12 S needles achieves an improved seam appearance by aligning the cutting geometry precisely using a special flat on the shank. The result: Uniform seams with both slanted or straight stitch formation.

Click HERE for the Groz-Beckert data sheet for the SAN®12 Needle.
Click HERE for the Groz-Beckert Point Styles for processing of leather data sheet.
Click HERE for the Groz-Beckert Processing of Leather data sheet.

Please Contact your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today For All Your Groz-Beckert Needle Needs!

Featured ProductsMundialTools

Mundial Scissors & Shears

Mundial provides a full line of scissors and shears to support the sewn products industry; covering applications from industrial and sewn products, textiles, fibers, automotive and upholstery. Providing quality, selection and value – guaranteed for life. High quality and durable dressmaker’s shears, sewing scissors, thread clips, pinking shears, buttonhole scissors, all purpose shears & straight trimmers. Industrial forged heavy duty shears with knife edge aids in cutting multiple layers of fabrics easily. CushionPro Shears provides outstanding comfort and performance with thickers steel and precicely honed blades. Find your perfect scissors or shears to best fit your application below.

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Featured ProductsGroz-Beckert Needles

Special Application Needle: SAN 5.2

The Special Applications Needle SAN5.2 from Groz-Beckert is a 2nd-generation sewing machine needle for technical textiles.
The designation of the special application needle is still SAN5. The needles with the new geometry carry the supplement “Version 5.2” on the label.

Processing technical textiles often involves extremely hard materials or combinations of material. Penetration resistance can be very high and lead to various problems.

Groz-Beckert has been supplying the SAN® 5 special application needle for years, a reliable product that reduces sewing problems when working with technical textiles. The upgraded SAN® 5.2 boosts process reliability even more and delivers additional advantages, especially for multi-directional sewing applications.
The double groove at the point, for instance, leads to better thread guidance for a more consistent seam pattern. The additional scarf chamfer on the left side enables secure loop pick-up using oscillating hooks.

Application Examples Special Applications Needle – SAN 5.2:

  • Airbags
  • Carrying Straps
  • Car Seats
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Protective Clothing
  • Sun Protection Systems

Features of the Special Applications Needle – SAN 5.2:

  • Double groove in point area improves thread guidance. Fewer uneven threads, more uniform seam appearance.
  • Scarf chamfer (hook schamfer) on right hand side gives reliable pick-up of the loop by standard horizontal and vertical hooks
  • Enhanced needle stability with blade reinforcement
  • Scarf chamfer (hook chamfer) on left hand side gives reliable pick-up of the loop by oscillating hooks.
  • Larger eye allows thicker sewing threads without increasing needle size

  • Increased needle stability due to special blade reinforcement
  • Optimized Loop pick-up provides a greater safeguard against skipped stitches
  • Gentle handling of the sewn fabric
  • Uniform seam appearance
  • Use of thinker sewing threads without changing the needle size
  • High protection against needle wear through the use of GEBEDUR coating*
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced production costs

The SAN 5.2 version is available in the following needles:

Click HERE for the official Groz-Beckert SAN 5.2 brochure.

Please Contact your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today For All Your Groz-Beckert Needle Needs!