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Special Application Needle: SAN®12

Groz-Beckert Special Applications Needle “SAN®12” for 2-needle machines sewing in leather and technical textile. Comes in several varieties.

The SAN®12 needle is especially designed for leather and technical textile uses, where the appearance of 2-needle decorative seams is imperative. The SAN®12 needle comes with Groz-Beckert’s GEBEDUR® titanium nitride coating, giving the needle surface a higher degree of hardness, making the needle more wear-resistant (particularly protecting against damage around the point and eye). GEBEDUR® coating on the Groz-Beckert SAN®12 needle extends the service life of the needle, leading to consitently high seam quality and increased productivity.

The SAN12 LR and the SAN12 S needles achieves an improved seam appearance by aligning the cutting geometry precisely using a special flat on the shank. The result: Uniform seams with both slanted or straight stitch formation.

Click HERE for the Groz-Beckert data sheet for the SAN®12 Needle.
Click HERE for the Groz-Beckert Point Styles for processing of leather data sheet.
Click HERE for the Groz-Beckert Processing of Leather data sheet.

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