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Eastman “Mini-Bat” Rotary Shear

Eastman “Mini-Bat” (BBat) 2-1/32″ 3.6V Battery Operated Rotary Sheer.
Special item from our Online Warehouse! Only a few left! Uses round blade for general use, or hexagon blade for sheer or difficult to cut cloth. Button operated on/off switch. Built-in pushbutton sharpener for ensuring a fine keen edge on the blade. Powered by VP100 re-chargeable batteries. Included in box – 2 x VP100 Batteries and 1 x VP130 two-port charger for continuous operation!

DSI #: T180002-341
$50.00 /+Tax&Ship.

The item listed herein is sold as-is. No warranty. No returns. No refunds.

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