Yamato focuses on high-precision designed and engineered industrial sewing machines to ensure better quality, reliability and productivity. Ensuring the ideal stitch characteristics through active thread control and labor saving devices. Yamato produces a wide variety of industrial sewing machines for an even wider assortment of applications; including overlock, safety stitch, interlock, flatseam, blind stitch, serging, buttonstitch and zigzag sewing machines.

Additionally, Yamato has a broad range of sewing machine devices (such as hemming folders, see through lights, tape tension controller, fabric uncurlers, floating foot, pulling mechanisms and auxiliary rear feeding device, back tacker, thread trimmers, thread chain and tape cutter and self cleaning devices) to add to your Yamato industrial sewing machine to push productivity even higher.

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Interlock Sewing Machines (Flatlock Machines)

Yamato VT 2500 Series
The Yamato VT2500 class “Feed-up-the-arm” interlock stitch sewing machine for heavy-weight materials! With 4 sub models providing a variety of options and features for all your applications. Featuring presser foot “lift & lock” lever for easy setting the applications, push button stitch length adjustment, standard differential feed, independently driven rear needle guard and spreader located on right side for easier and safer handling. Non-stain technology and vibration-free driving mechanism to eliminate operator’s fatigue. Easily converts into sub-models by exchanging thread eyelets and sewing parts
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Yamato VG Series
Yamato VG Series – multi module cylinder bed interlock stitch machine providing a multitude of options to achieve high productivity without stress even for long seaming. The VG Series provides a new needle thread take-up system, new foot lifter lever mechanism for easy adjustment, sub models with compact servo motors, short cylinder bed and new feed mechanism for high durability and easy adjustment. Specially designed for hemming with trimming fabric edge, attaching pre-closed elastic band, attaching elastic tape, single needle top stitching “display tape”, 4 needle joining seam, top stitching on pre-attached elastic tape, attaching knitted elastic band, binding tape, covering and hemming. Available with both left- or right-hand fabric trimmer.
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Yamato VE-8F Series (VE2711 & VE2713)
Yamato VE-8F Series sewing machine is a small cylinder bed interlock stitch machine. Providing double- or triple- needle for light fabrics, medium fabrics or special spesifications. Submodels are available for specialized applications of hemming (VE2711) or covering (VE2713(P)). Featuring new patented needle guard with adjustable vertical position and angle, easily adjustable stitch length. A great choice for hemming or covering small circular articles, such as cuffs on long sleeve shirts, ankles of pants, neckline of sweatshirts or covering armholes. Additional devices available: Automatic Under Thread Trimmer (UT) and Automatic Top Cover Thread Trimmer (ST). All machines come with Yamato’s patented Active Thread Control.
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Yamato VC2700G-8 Class
Yamato VC2700G-8 Class is a double- or triple- needles cylinder bed interlock stitch machine. Active thread control providing the ideal seam support a wide variety from soft and elastic seams to tight seams; suitable for fabrics from fleece to microfiber. Boasting less friction, less lubrication and easy maintenance. Non-stain technology and a capability for a wide range of sewing conditions producing high quality!
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Knit Sewing Automation

Yamato EZH-B Button Hemming Workstation
The Yamato easy hemming workstations. Dramatically deskills circular hemming. high productivity and uniform finish with high quality and less sewing skill. Maintains hem by devices included in workstation. Operator loads, overlapps and unloads the work; the machine does the rest. 5500 RPM’s and 3 needles.
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Serging Automation

Yamato KSM-Q10 Compact Automatic Serging Unit w/Edge Controller
The Yamato KSM-Q10 is an automatic serging unit with edge controller; compact type. Enables serging for out-curve and in-curve without manual aid. Capable of controlling exactly along with the pattern of material edges. Ideal for serging small parts such as front fly, pocket facing, and welt piece. Simple operation with just loading material to be sewn. Display for easy input of data in a space-saving compact design. Featuring dust collecting box (fitted) and economy type by motor-control.
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Button Sewing Automation

YAMATO NB7000V Automatic Button Sewing & Neck Wrapping Machine
The Yamato NB7000V is an automatic button sewing and neck wrapping machine. Compatible with a wide vareity of button attaching patterns. Attaching counter buttons can be performed in one continuous process. Cycle sewing of shank button and flat buttons. Improved cycle time and easy-to-use touch-screen interface.
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Overlock & Safety Stitch

YAMATO AZ8400 Class Cylinder Bed Overlock Machine
The Yamato AZ8400 Class is a complete cylinderbed overlock machine. Featuring a small cylinder for performing smooth sewing, push button change of stitch length, quick change differential feeding ratio, sewing speed up to 8,000 s.p.m, with optionable cloth plate. Available in 3 sub-models depending on application!
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YAMATO AZ7000SDR-8 Overlock & Safetystitch Machine
The Yamato AZ7000SD-8 Overlock/Safety Stitch Machine features high speed operation, high quality stain-free dry finish and long lifetime machine. Featuring 3 in 1 overlock and safety stitch, Ideal stitch performance, Needle thread take-up mechanism activated by upper knife, floating foot compatibility and built-in HR needle cooling device. Produces seam width from 5mm to 8mm ideal for joining shoulders, attaching sleeves etc. Available in multiple sub-models.
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YAMATO AZ8000SD-8 Super High Speed Overlock Safetystitch Machine
The Yamato AZ8000SD-8 Class is a super high speed overlock machine. Available in several sub-models, featuring 1 or 2 needles, 3 or 4 threads. Applications of sub-models covers general seaming, inserting reinforcing tape, wide seam, wide seam width with condense stitch function, blind hemming, rolled hemming, ruffling, sewing bulky knitted material, sewing tricot and light-weight materials and safety stitch for jeans. Providing up to 8,000s.p.m., superior durability and a wide variety of devices such as automatic thread chain cutter, back tacker, tape/chain cutter and more.
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YAMATO VFK Series Flatbed Flatseamer Machine
The Yamato VFK Series is a flatbed, flatseamer machine, featuring 4 needles, 6 threads with active thread control. Active thread control enabling (high stretch and pucker free) soft and stretchable (200%+) seam, suitable for performance athletic garments, without complicated adjustments. Available devices such as air-operated pressor foot lifter, lint collection pipe, compact spot light and automatic thread chain cutter (horizontal type).
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YAMATO FD-62DRY Series Feed-Off-The-Arm Flatseamer
The Yamato FD-62DRY Series is a feed-of-the-arm (200mm long cylinder), 4 needle, 5 or 6 thread, flatseamer, featuring DRY technology, combination of sealed structure and hybrid lubrication to minimize impact on quality and delivery. Helping you go green with minimized use of chemicals. Featuring Floating presser foot system, small cylinder for easy small tubular operations, differential feed and needle thread tension adjustment. Smooth feeding of various fabric, from single jersey to fleece, stretchable and uneven thickness portion with easily adjustable overlapping amount of upper/lower fabric
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Double-chain Stitch

YAMATO DT-30 Feed-Off-The-Arm 3 Needle Double Chain Stitch Machine
The Yamato DT-30 Series is a feed-off-the-arm, 3 needle, 6 thread, double chain stitch machine for felling operations of heavy-weight garments, such as denim pants & jackets, work wear. The machine’s unique bed shape eliminates turning operation after felling operation. Ideal feeding performance with a combination of differential feed and upper driven roller. Featuring looper uncoupling for easy threading, dial adjustment of differential feed ratio.
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YAMATO MG Series Double Chain Stitch Machine
The Yamato MG Series is a 2 or 4 needle, 4 or 8 thread, double chainstitch machine with needle feeding for attaching waist bands on jeans working pants etc. Compensation type fuppler enables corresponding different thickness of materials. Featuring retractable looper mechanism for easy threading, easy handling, push button of linked lower feed and needle feed changeing. Micro-adjustment of needle feeding. 470mm cylinder circumference. Comes in several sub models depending on application.
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YAMATO VM Series Cylinder Bed Double Chain Stitch Machine
The Yamato VM Series is a cylinder bed, looper in line feed, double chainstitch machine with rear puller. Featuring looper uncoupling device for easy threading, push button stitch length regulator and puller feed. Available in several models, with or without needle gauges. From 4 to 6 needles and 8 to 12 threads. Available with fabric guide and tension roller. For attaching woven elastic band at the waist of jogging pants etc.
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Blind Stitch

YAMATO CM Series Single Needle Single Thread Blind Stitch Machine
The Yamato CM Series is a single needle, single thread blind stitch machine. Featuring unique threading for easy control thread tension, stable seam ensured by looper adjustment lever, lever movement adjusts spring pressure, felling depth control by penetration dial, stitch selector to change skip to non-skip stitch. With push button type stitch length adjuster and uniform seaming regardless of sewing speed.
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YAMATO LG Series 1 Needle Lock Stitch Plain Zigzag Machine
The Yamato LG Series “Soft Stitch” – is a single needle, two thread, lock stitch plain zigzag machine for making good quality intimate garments.. Featuring high stitch performance minimizing tunnel and puckering. Featuring high-speed fabric trimmer installed right beside the needle drop trims fabric as you saw eliminating manual trimming operation and unique knife mechanism ensures stable trimming performance.
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