Pegasus specialize in chainstitch machines primarily utilized in the sewing industry for stretchy fabrics such as underwear, sportswear and similar garments. Featuring a wide variety of both flatbed and cylinder bed machines. Pegasus’ strong focus on innovative productivity improvement tools and devices has made Pegasus highly praised world wide. Pegasus’ machines are known for their speed and quality world wide, and DSI has represented this manufacturer for 37+ years. Featuring a full line of high-speed / high-lift (foot and needle bar) machines as well as top feed heavy duty sergers.

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Overedger / Safety Stitch

Double Chainstitch (EX2200), Safety stitch (EX3200), Overedgers (EX5200) and Overedgers with condensed stitch capability (EX5400). Focusing on top of the line machines to produce beautiful stitches through reliable mechanism, technology that achieves high speed and durability, plus ease of operation and maintenance. Pegasus provides a full line of subclasses that provide high quality finishes in a wide variety of operations, as well as a wide variety of labor saving devices focused on increasing productivity.
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Pegasus MX Series is a middle class, bottom feed overedger (MX5200) and safety stitch (MX3200) machine. The MX3200 Safety stitch machine providing plain seaming, shirring & shirring while piping. The MX5200 Overedger provides blindstitch hemming, plain seaming, turn down hemming, tape attaching and backlatching. Both machines operating at a max 8,000RPM capable of sewing light- to heavy-weight fabrics.
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PEGASUS E256 Series
Pegasus E256 Series is a high speed curved needle overedger, with sub models featuring single needle or double needle, 2 to 4 threads. Performing (light- to medium-) plain seaming, backlatching, blindstitch hemming, serging, turn up hemming shirring, sock seams and lace running at speeds up to 9,000sti/min.
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Interlock / Double Chain Stitch

PEGASUS W2600P Series Cylinder Bed
Pegasus W2600P Series is an extra-high speed, cylinder bed, oil barrier type interlock stitch machine. Available in a multitude of sub models by application, producing plain seaming (Covering), binding tape, covering, attaching lace/elastic lace, hemming, attaching flat elastic and inserting elastic, at up to 7,000 sti/min.
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Pegasus WT500P Series is a variable top feed, flatbed, interlock stitch machine. Featuring oil barrier, 2 or 3 needles, 3 to 5 threads, top feeding adjust by knob and push button adjusting of differential feed ratio. Comes in 3 sub models with a large selection of device options, such as thread trimmer, presser foot lift, condensed stitching device, tape/thread chain cutter, open/close type hemming guide, fabric trimmer and bottom fabric illumination.
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PEGASUS W674 Series Cylinder Bed
Pegasus W674 Series is a cylinder bed, double chain stitch machine for super tucking. Featuring 4 or 5 needle, 7 to 9 threads. Optional fabric trimmer (left), thread trimmer (pneumatic), rear puller, elastic aligning device and pneumatic hemming guide. Available in a variety of sub models depending on application: inserting elastic on waists of tubular goods, attaching elastic on waists of tubular goods or hemming elastic on waists or tubular goods at speeds up to 4,000 rpm.
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PEGASUS TM625 Series Multi-Needle
Pegasus TM625 Series is a multi-needle, double chainstitch needle feed, looper-in-line machine. Featuring 4 to 6 needles, 4 to 12 threads. Available in a variety of sub models depending on application. Attaching 3 line tapes on casual wear, sports wear etc.
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PEGASUS FS700P Series Feed-Off-The-Arm Cylinder Bed
Pegasus FS700P Series is a feed-off-the-arm, cylinder bed, 4-needle, 6 thread, interlock stitch machine for flat seaming. Various models available depending on application such as joining shoulders, closing sleeves, joining crotches of briefs, sewing swimsuits, joining crotches of panties. Featuring completely enclosed needle drive, oil barrier. Ideal for difficult-to-sew fabric or highly stretchable materials.
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Automatic & Labor Saving Units

PEGASUS SOH-500 Series Automatic Unit
Pegasus SOH-500 Series is an automatic unit for hemming operation of flat sleeves, flatbed interlock stitch machine. Comes in two types: Bottom feed (SOH-531) – featuring 3 needles, 5 threads, or Variable top feed (SOH-541) featuring 2 or 3 needles, 4 or 5 threads. Both models produce up to 4,500 rpm. For light-weight fabrics and hem width 20mm – 30mm.
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PEGASUS MHG Series Semi-Automatic Unit
Pegasus MHG Series consists of 3 varieties of semi-automatic units for hemming operation on tubular goods and flat sleeves. A series of cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines w/variable top feed (MHG-131), bottom feed type (MHG-111) or variable top feed with fabric trimmer type (MHG-141). Featuring 2 or 3 needle, 4 or 5 threads, optional guide for flat goods.
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PEGASUS LSN Series Automatic Serger Unit
Pegasus LSN Series is an automatic unit for serging operations of pants, skirts and similar garments. Equipped with table, suitable for serging small parts to long panels. Featuring single needle, 3 threads and equipped with overedger. Sewing speeds up to 7,500 rpm.
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