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Special Application Needle: SAN 5.2

The Special Applications Needle SAN5.2 from Groz-Beckert is a 2nd-generation sewing machine needle for technical textiles.
The designation of the special application needle is still SAN5. The needles with the new geometry carry the supplement “Version 5.2” on the label.

Processing technical textiles often involves extremely hard materials or combinations of material. Penetration resistance can be very high and lead to various problems.

Groz-Beckert has been supplying the SAN® 5 special application needle for years, a reliable product that reduces sewing problems when working with technical textiles. The upgraded SAN® 5.2 boosts process reliability even more and delivers additional advantages, especially for multi-directional sewing applications.
The double groove at the point, for instance, leads to better thread guidance for a more consistent seam pattern. The additional scarf chamfer on the left side enables secure loop pick-up using oscillating hooks.

Application Examples Special Applications Needle – SAN 5.2:

  • Airbags
  • Carrying Straps
  • Car Seats
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Protective Clothing
  • Sun Protection Systems

Features of the Special Applications Needle – SAN 5.2:

  • Double groove in point area improves thread guidance. Fewer uneven threads, more uniform seam appearance.
  • Scarf chamfer (hook schamfer) on right hand side gives reliable pick-up of the loop by standard horizontal and vertical hooks
  • Enhanced needle stability with blade reinforcement
  • Scarf chamfer (hook chamfer) on left hand side gives reliable pick-up of the loop by oscillating hooks.
  • Larger eye allows thicker sewing threads without increasing needle size

  • Increased needle stability due to special blade reinforcement
  • Optimized Loop pick-up provides a greater safeguard against skipped stitches
  • Gentle handling of the sewn fabric
  • Uniform seam appearance
  • Use of thinker sewing threads without changing the needle size
  • High protection against needle wear through the use of GEBEDUR coating*
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced production costs

The SAN 5.2 version is available in the following needles:

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