Straight stitch, buttonholer or bar tack. Lockstitch, Double-chain stitch, or automated sewing machines. Brother features a very large variety of industrial sewing machines for an equally broad range of applications. Brother features sewing machines with pre-programmed sewing patterns, High sewing speeds, thread tension control, large sewing areas, electronic direct-drive operation, LCD displays and much more.

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Lock Stitch Machines ( +Bar Tack & Programmable Machine)

BROTHER KE-430HX/HS & BE-438HX/HS Electronic Direct Drive Lock Stitch Bar Tacker
The Brother KE-430HX/HS & BE-438HX/HS, is an electronic direct drive lock stitch bar tacker without digital tension industrial sewing & embroidery machine. Featuring standard needle thread tension control, 3,300 spm., 89 pre-programmed sew patterns. For heavy-materials.
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BROTHER BAS-311/BAS-326/BAS-341/BAS-342 Single Needle lock stitch Pattern Tacker (Programmable)
The Brother BAS-3nn Series is a single needle lock stitch pattern tacker machine, featuring direct drive, 2,800 SPM, AC Servo motor for medium- or heavy-weight materials. High-rigid feeding commands beautiful stitching at high-speed. Digital tension and thread breakage detector as standard. For applications such as jacket and shoe labels, bags, jean pockets, seat belts and airbags.
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BROTHER T-84nn & T87nn Series Twin Needle Lock Stitch Machines
The Brother T-84nn & 87nn Series twin needle lock stitch machines comes in a variety of models, depending on features and application. Featuring direct drive, thread trimmer, split needle bar and/or large hook. New Brother developed high energy saving motor and control box. Direct drive and dry head mechanism. Selectable needle feed/lower feed, Available with condensed stitching and bar tacking.
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BROTHER S-7300A Heavy Duty Direct Drive Lock Stitch Machine
The Brother S7300 series is a single needle direct drive lock stitcher for heavy applications. Featuring heavy-weight materials (denim), sewing speeds up to 4,500spm. Electronic feed control directly connected with stepping motor, color LCD touch panel, short remaining thread and birds nest reduction, design stitch, easy reverse operation with hand switch and needle breakage prevention.
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Zigzag Machines

BROTHER Z-8550A / Z-8560A Direct Drive Zigzag Lock Stitch Machine
The Brother Z-8550A & Z-8560A electronic 1direct drive zigzag lock stitch machine (w/thread trimmer) provides a wide-variety of pattern sewing by a single machine. Low noise and vibration, with no needle deflection nor position slippage. Provides plain zigzag, 3-step zigzag, scallop patterns and T-stitches. 8 basic types and 14 sewing patterns built in without need of multiple cams.
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Double Chain Stitch Machines

BROTHER DA-9270/DA-9280 Feed-Off-The-Arm Double Chain Stitch Machine
The Brother DA-9270/DA-9280 Twin-needle / Three-needle feed-off-the-arm double chain stitch machine w/narrow cylinder bed is ideal for a wide range of materials from shirts to jeans. High quality sewing w/attractive balloon stitches (low tension sewing). Featuring movable needle guards w/no adjustment needed, full push-button operation. Handles small cylindrical articles w/171mm perimeter cylinder. Handles Medium-, Heavy- and Extra Heavy-materials.
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Button Hole Machine

BROTHER RH-9820 Electronic Eyelet Button Holer
The Brother RH-9820 Electronic eyelet button holer, features 2,500 rpm max sewing speed, fine stitches with high-precision stitch point. Featuring large arm pocket (120mm), LCD display & operation panel w/ up to 9 programs (each w/9 steps). Supports applications from straight-bartack buttonholes for casual pants to taper bartack buttonholes for jeans. (18mm-26mm). Sews ladies wear, mens wear, jeans, trousers and casual wear. W/Thread trimmer for long and short thread cut.
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BROTHER HE-800B Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Button Holer
The Brother HE-800B Direct drive lockstitch button holer is a operator friendly environment-conscious high productivity single needle, 4,000 sti/min machine. Featuring 21 pre-programmed patterns, w/underlay functionality (several patterns) for preventing stretch materials from stretching. Sub model “-2” for woven articles such as shirt, blouses, work clothes and ladies’ attire. Sub model “-3” for knitted articles such as underwear, sweaters, cardigans and jerseys.
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