Industrial Sewing Machine Needles!


DSI Provides top of the line high quality needles from Schmetz, Groz-Beckert, JUKI, Merrow and Organ!

With over 3000 different needle variations, GROZ-BECKERT is a leader in the industry. Providing needles for a large variety of applications. Known for durability using titanium-nitride coating, increasing hardness and wear resistance. Loop control geometry provides greater stability and less deflection – less needle breakage and damage to the point!
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JUKI’s own brand of high quality of sewing machine needles. Specially engineered to reduce thread breakage and skipped stitches. Available in a large variety of sizes, points, plating and coatings for all your applications.
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SCHMETZ needles comes in a large variety to ensure all applications you may need is covered. With features such as diamond point, conical reinforcement and larger humf scarf. Various features to ensure both stitch and productivity is in focus. Easy bulk ordering for industrial uses!
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MERROW has been engineering and producing its curved needle since 1838. High precision needles guaranteeing a consistent stitch. Producing needles high carbon steel needles, for ideal ratio of hardness to elasticity. Chrome plating augments the needle with natural heat resistance. Additionally providing needles with titanium plating as well as their KOOLTORR coating. Available in a variety of sizes, points, blade, eye and configurations.
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ORGAN Needles are recognized as a global top brand in the industrial sewing machine needle industry. Founded in 1920, Organ has produced high quality textile needles for most all applications, such as apparel (jackets, dresses, shirts), home decor products (sofas, curtains), car seats, airbags, shoes, bags, tatami mats, book binding and more. From standard needles to Organ’s PD (Perfect Durability) coated (Titanium Nitride) needle; Organ has a needle for every application!
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