Tennessee Imports Labels

All labels and supplies from Tennessee Imports Labels, Provided by Dunlap Sunbrand International, Inc.

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Full Line of Labels for Shade and Price Marking

Available in sizes: 22×12, 26×12, 26×16, 26×19 & 29×28
Tamper Proof Labels for Price Marking Also Available!

Tennessee Imports Labels Are Made in Italy to our Exacting Spesifications.

Label Types:

PM400V – Our lowest cost label

PM400 – The Most Common Label – Suitable for Most Fabrics

S631 – Labels Can Be Pressed and Removed Without Leaving Residue

S470 – Label With Stronger Adhesive for Difficult Fabrics & Price Marking

S451 – A Label with our Strongest Adhesive Only for the Most Difficult Fabrics (White Only)

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