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Jiffy Steamer J-4000 Pro-Line Series Commercial Clothing Steamer

The J-4000 Pro-Line series commercial clothing steamer is the series most powerful model, designed specifically for commercial use. Department stores, restaurants and other businesses around the world rely on the efficiency of the J-4000 as an integral part of their operations. Steam is the gentler alternative to ironing and is great for removing wrinkles from clothing, tablecloths, bedspreads and delicate materials.

  • 5.5 ft / 1.68 m flexible rubber hose
  • Convenient standby and steam settings
  • Reaches standby temperature within 15 minutes
  • Ready to steam within 2 minutes once at the standby temperature
  • All brass couplings
  • Solid die cast aluminum outer housing for durability
  • 304 stainless steel internal boiler tank
  • No water lines that could become clogged with hard water deposits
  • 1 gal / 3.79 L self-contained water tank
  • Sight gauge for quick view of water level and sediment buildup
  • Color-coded high temperature wiring
  • Fusible link with automatic shut-off for safety
  • 360-degree swivel casters for mobility
  • 7 ft power cord with molded storage clip for more manageable handling
  • 3-Year Limited Product Warranty
  • 24-hour repair service available

Standard Plastic Steam Head:

  •  6 in / 15.2 cm wide plastic steam head

Metal Steam Head:

  • 6 in / 15.2 cm wide metal steam head

Interchangeable Steam Head:

  •  9 in / 22.8 cm bent aluminum pipe head attachment, “B” brush steam cleaning head, 6 in / 15.2 cm wide metal steam head and 12 in / 30.4 cm wide carpet steam head 


  • Optional Steam Head Attachment: 6-inch/15.24cm wide plastic steam head, 6-inch15.24cm wide metal head, or  9-inch/22.86cm bent aluminum pipe head attachment, “B” brush steam cleaning head, 6-inch/15.24cm wide metal steam head and 12-inch/30.48cm wide carpet steam head 
  • Carton Dimension: 20 in x 12 in x 13 in (50.8cm x 30.48cm x 33.02cm)
  • Assembled Dimension: 20 in x 11 in x 61 in (50.8cm x 27.94cm x 154.94cm)
  • Carton Weight: 26 pounds/11.79kg 
  • Electrical Certifications: UL, cUL, TUV/GS, CE, NOM and ANCE Listed
  • Steam Time per Filling: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Water Capacity: 1 gallon/3.79L
  • Steam Temperature: 212° F / 100° C


  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Cord Plug: NEMA 5-15


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Cord Plug:  BS-1363, BS-546, CEE-7, ETSA S-86, SI 32, NEMA 5-15

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