JUKI offers one of the broadest product lines in the industry and has an outstanding reputation world-wide in the industrial sewing machine arena. Whether single needle, double needle, safety stitch, lockstitch, coverstitch, bartack, belt loop, heavy duty or just about anything else, JUKI has a quality machine that delivers outstanding performance.

JUKI also excels with the AMS computer-controlled cycle machines which have large sew fields. Quite popular too are the LK Programmable pattern sewing machines for smaller sewing fields, pockets and box “X” patterns. DSI has represented JUKI for more than forty years and can advise and/or recommend the best machine for your needs.

DSI is an authorized distributor for Genuine JUKI Parts and has consistently been one of the top two distributors in the USA. We stock many JUKI parts and can typically obtain any parts we don’t stock quickly.

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1-Needle, Lockstitch Machine

DDL-9000C Series – Direct-drive, High-speed sewing system w/Automatic Thread Trimmer
The DDL-9000C Series provides digitally controlled active needle-thread tension, active presser foot pressure mechanism, operator assigned hand switches, reverse-feed lever, LED light and a digitalized control panel. Suitable for medium- and heavy-weight applications. Featuring a double-edge rotary system for thread trimming
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JUKI DDL-8700-7 Series
The DDL-8700-7 Series is a 1-Needle, Lockstitch machine with automatic thread trimmer. Available in several models including: DDL-8700-7 (Medium-weight applications), DDL-8700A-7 (Light-weight applications) and DDL-8700H-7 (Heavy-weight applications). Featuring new energy saving control box and servo motor. Reliable thread trimming and low-tension sewing producing beautiful seams, a presser foot with higher lift (13mm) and a light touch stitch dial for improved operability!
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JUKI DLN-6390 – High-speed, Cylinder-bed, 1-Needle, Needle-feed Lockstitch Machine with Large Hook
The DLN-6390 High-speed, cylinder-bed, 1-needle, needle-feed lockstitch machine with large hook is primarily intended for bottom hemming processes for jeans, casual pants and work uniforms. The 35mm high needle bar stroke, the DLN-6390 offers excellent penetration, particularly for heavy-weight denim or multi-layered portions, freeing it from stich gathering, stitch skipping and needle breakage. Featuring presser lifter, hemming binder, 1.7-fold hook and automatic thread trimmer (DLN6390-7 only). Optional needle cooler available.
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JUKI DLN-9010A Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-Needle, Needle-feed, Lockstitch machine w/Automatic Thread Trimmer
The DLN-9010A is a needle-feed type DDL-9000 Series sewing machine featuring direct drive, semi-long arm and no-oil pan. Needle feed mechanism effectively preventing uneven material feed, responds to a wide range of applications such as sewing of outerwear, runstitching of men’s shirts and attaching of various parts to garment bodies. Fitted with new enegry saving control box (SC-920A) and two options for control panel (CP18A or CP-180A). Available in two models: DLN-9010A-SS (Light- to medium-weight materials) and DLN-9010A-SH (For heavy weight materials).
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JUKI DDL-8000A Series Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-Needle, Lockstitch Machine w/Automatic Thread Trimmer
The DDDL-8000A Series Direct-drive, high-speed, 1-needle, lockstitch machine w/automatic thread trimmer, comes in several submodels by application; DDL-8000AS-MS (Medium-weight, standard type), DDL-8000AS-SH (Heavy-weight, standard type), DDL-8000AS-SJ (Jeans, Heavy Weight, Standard type), DDL-8000AB-MS (Medium-weight, Shorter-thread remaining type), DDL_8000AB-SH (Heavy-weight, shorter-thread remaining type) and DDL-8000AB-SJ (Jeans-Heavy-weight, Shorter-thread remaining type).
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JUKI DDL-900B Series Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-Needle, Lockstitch machine w/Automatic Thread Trimmer
The DDL-900B Series Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-Needle, Lockstitch machine w/Automatic Thread Trimmer (Oil shielding system), comes in several sub models. DDL-900BB-S / DDL-900B-S (Both for standard application) and DDL-900BB-H / DDL-900B-H (Both for heavy-weight materials). Featuring sewing speeds up to 5,000 sti/min.
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JUKI DDL-8700-7 1-Needle, Lockstitch Machine with an Automatic Thread Trimmer
The newly designed JUKI DDL-8700-7, 1-Needle, Lockstitch Machine with an Automatic Thread Trimmer. 3 Sub models for medium-weight materials (DDL-8700-7), light-weight materials (DDL-8700A-7) and heavy-weight materials (DDL-8700H-7).
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JUKI DDL-8700 – Single Needle, High Speed, Lockstitch Machine
The premier single needle, high-speed lockstich industrial sewing machine from Juki, combines low vibration and noise with outstanding responsiveness to materials being sewn. All in a package easy to both operate and maintain!
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2-Needle, Lockstitch Machine

JUKI LH-3528A (LH3500 Series) – Semi-dry-head, 2-needle, Lockstitch Machine
The LH-3528A (LH-3500 Series) direct-drive, 2-needle lockstitch machine comes in several different models by application: A:Light-weight / F:Foundation / S:Medium-weight / G:Jeans&Heavy-weight. Available with organized split needle bar mechanism. Featuring two different thread tension control mechanisms producing well-tensed seams and increasing reliability. Feed method changeable from needle-feed to bottom-feed.
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JUKI LH-4500C Series – Semi-dry head, 2-needle lockstitch sewing system
The LH-4500C Series comes in several models: LH-4578CFF (Foundation), LH-4578CFG-7 and LH-4588CFG-7 (Both for Jeans and heavy-weight materials). Full digital machines, providing 3,000 sti/min. Needle feed with independent right and left active tension mechanism and active presser foot. Featuring multilayered portion detection device on the G-type, energy saving and reduction in noise and vibration. Large hook (1.8-fold capacity) adapted for attaching tape to foundation. Available with multiple options and a large variety of needle gauge sizes.
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Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine

JUKI MO-6700DA Series Semi-dry-head, High-speed, Overlock / Safety stitch machine
The MO-6700DA Series comes in 3 primary models: MO-6704DA (1-needle overlock), MO-6714DA (2-needle overlock) and MO-6716DA (safety stitching). All 3 machines provide a stitch length of 0.8~4mm while producing 7,000 sti/min. Featuring a variety of overedging widths, stitch types and needle gauges. Additional optional attachments such as tape attaching presser foot, blind stitch hemming attachment, swing-type gathering device and more available.
For More Information About Juki MO-6700D Series – Click HERE!

JUKI MO-6800S Series High-speed, Overlock / Safety stitch Machine
Advanced Overlock / safety stitch machine responds to various kinds of sewing materials and processes. Available in a wide variety of sub-classes with multiple optional devices and attachments. Attachments & Devices: Chain-off thread trimming, Pneumatic chain-off thread suction, Guide (tape guide), Feller/Binder and more. Available in 3 models: MO-6804S (USA 504 Stitch Style), MO-6814S (USA 514 Stitch Style) and MO-6816S (USA 516 Stitch Style).
For More Information About Juki MO-6800S Series – Click HERE!

JUKI MO-6800D Series – Semi-dry-head, High-speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine
The MO-6800D Series comes in 4 primary models: M)-6804D (1-needle overlock), MO-6814D (2-needle overlock), MO 6816D (Safety stitching) and MO-6843D (3-needle safety stitching). Featuring a variety of stitch types, needle gauge, overedging width and applications. Providing additional devices and attachments, such as: chain-off thread trimming device, gathering device, guide, tape guide and more.
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Coverstitch Machine

MF-7900 U-11 Series High-speed, Cylinder-bed, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine
The machine can be used for the hemming process of the sleeves and bottoms of T-shirts and for the covering process for sportswear and knitwear. The front cover is trimmed to allow operators to bring their hands closer near the needle entry area, thereby increasing work efficiency in the covering process, etc. The MF-7900 U-11 Series also comes with a large variety of options for increased productivity and versatility.
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Automatic Machine

JUKI AB-1351Automatic 1-needle Belt-loop attaching machine.
Featuring 12 belt-loop patterns, belt-loop folding mechanism, unique belt-loop feeder unit, thread breaking detection device. One operator can operate two units, increasing productivity. Many available options!
For More Information About JUKI AB-1351 Series – Click HERE!

Computer Controlled Cycle Machine

JUKI AMS-210EN Series & AMS 221EN Series Computer Controlled Cycle Machine
The AMS 210 and 221 Series is utilized for applications such as free pattern stitching, parts sewing, attaching labels and emblems, attaching velcro, various shape tacking and special bartacking. Comes in a wide variety for spesific application, and programmable computer controls.
For More Information About JUKI AMS-210EN & AMS 221EN Series – Click HERE!

JUKI LK-1900A Series Computer Controlled Bartacking Maching
Computer-controlled, High-speed, Bartacking Machine. An easier-to-use, computer-controlled bartacking machine achieving sewing speed of 3,000rpm! 5 Different sub-class models available (S type – Standard / H type – Heavy-weight materials / F type – Foundation / M type – knits & knitted materials / W type – large shuttle hook for heavy-weight materials).
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ZIGZAG Stitching Machine

JUKI LZ-2290C / LZ-2290C-7 Digital Zigzag Stitch System
The JUKI LZ-2290C / LZ-2290C-7 Digital Zigzag stitch system provides standard 11 types / 20 patterns of stitch shapes (able to create additional original patterns). Ideal for brassiere sewing, topstitching for welt pockets. sewing collar cloths and sewing labels, front bodies of jackets and blouses. features an active presser foot (auto adjusted according to sewing speed), multi-layered portion detection device and is capable of sewing diversified patterns.
For More Information About JUKI LZ-2290C Series – Click HERE!

JUKI LZ-2290A Series Computer-Controlled Lockstitch Zigzag Machine
The JUKI LZ-2290A Series comes provided as standard with twenty different zigzag stitching, T-stitch and covering stitch patterns grouped into fourteen different types. The feed mechanism is controlled with a stepping motor, enabling continuous sewing at a high speed. A single unit is extremely versatile and can perform straight stitching, standard zigzag stitching, 2-step zigzag stitching, 3-step zigzag stitching, scallop stitching, and blind stitching. As a result, the system is available for a far wider range of applications. Comes in several sub-models a a wide range of options.
For More Information About JUKI LZ-2290A Series – Click HERE!

Flat-bed sewing Machine

Juki LU-2800 Series
Semi-dry Direct-drive, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Large Hook. Adopted with high and long arm. A variety of sub-models featuring both 1 and 2 needle types and various features including higher lift of the presser bar, adjustability of the feed driving cam and a new lubrication system. Ideal for large and extra heavy-duty materials.
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JUKI LU-1500N Series – Unison Feed, Lockstitch Machine
Single Needle / Double Needle (1-needle/2-needle), Unison-Feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-Axis Large Hook. Ideal for an extended range of heavy materials for industrial use, such as cargo handling belts, containers, car seats, sofas and bags and more. Available in a wide variety of sub-models for particular applications, with a wide range of options. Featuring higher lift presser foot, vertical axis double-capacity hook comes standard as well as dual-tension mechanism.
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Juki LU-2210 & LU-2260 Series 1 or 2 Needle Unison Feed Lockstitch Machine
Featuring excellent responsiveness when sewing heavy materials such as car seats and sofas. Equipped with standard pneumatic auto-lifter with 16mm presser foot lift, controlled by light-to-the-touch pedal. Comes in several sub-models with a large variety of options.
For More Information About JUKI LU-2210 & LU-2260 Series – Click HERE!

Post-Bed Sewing Machine

JUKI PLC-2700 Series Post Bed Lockstitch Machine
The JUKI PLC-2700 Series is a post-bed, unison-feed, lockstitch machine with vertical-axis large hook. Advanced sewing machine best suited for sewing of heavy-weight materials such as car-seats, sofas and sports goods. The PLC-2700 Series comes in 6 sub-models depending on specifications and available options. Featuring improved workability with long arm, w/ or w/o automatic thread trimmer, direct drive or belt drive, thick thread type or organized split needlebars type.
For More Information About JUKI PLC-2700 Series – Click HERE!

JUKI PLC-2700V-7 Series Semi-Dry Direct Drive Post Bed Lockstitch Machine
The JUKI PLC-2700V-7 Series is a semi-dry, direct-drive, post-bed, unison-feed, lockstitch sewing system with vertical-axis large hook. Available in 1 or 2 needle. Featuring a digital sewing system with a computerized new value for production. Needle-thread active tension adjustable on the panel, convenient continuous sewing function and manual unit control for different operations. Active presser foot pressure mechanism, and the upper and lower feed ratio is adjustable. Comes with a wide variety of gauge components in both the single needle and double needle variety.
For More Information About JUKI PLC-2700v-7 Series – Click HERE!

Long Arm Sewing Machine

JUKI LG-158 & LG-158-1 Long Arm Unison Feed Lockstitch Machine
The JUKI LG-158 (2-needle) and LG-158-1 (1-needle) machines are unison-feed, long arm lockstitch machines with vertical-axis large hook. Featuring 750mm of free space under the arm and a maximum stitch length of 10mm for sewing heavy-materials such as tents and sheets. Presser foot movement as high as 21.5mm. Large variety of needle gauges available, and large bobbin for double-capacity hook.
For More Information About JUKI LG-158 – Click HERE!

JUKI LU-2800-7 Series Extended Long Arm Direct Drive Unison Feed Lockstitch machine
The JUKI LU-2800-7 Series (JEUX0031-700 & JEUX0031-1000) is a semi-dry direct drive unison feed lockstitch machine with vertical-axis and extended long arm length. Suited for heavy-weight material, this high-torque direct drive machine also features arm length of 70cm or 1m depending on requirements. Available in single needle or 2-needle versions.
For More Information About LU-2800-7 Series – Click HERE!

Machine for Extra Heavy-Weight Materials

JUKI TSC-441U Series Semi-Long Cylinder Bed Lockstitch Machine
The JUKI TSc-441U is a 1-needle, semi-long cylinder bed, lockstitch machine with a large shuttle-hook for Extra-heavy-weight materials. Available in 4 models. Featuring higher lift on the presser foot as high as 20mm, reduced bobbin replacement, built in bobbin winder on front of machine, large space under machine arm and available options such as auto-lifter (knee-switch or pedal type) and presser foot (standard or roller presser).
For More Information About JUKI TSC-441U Series – Click HERE!

Computer Controlled Cycle Machine

JUKI AMS-251 1-Needle CNC Sewing Machine (Head Turning Type)
The JUKI AMS-251 is a 1 needle, CNC sewing machine of the head turning type. Using JUKI’s unique synchronization technology guaranteeing stable machine head, hook and feed mechanism control. Using s slip ring machine head turning system, cutting point needle regardless of direction sewing. Featuring head liftable 50mm, multi-axis control technology, Horizontal-axis 3 fold-capacity rotary hook. All operated by the IP420 control panel.
For More Information About JUKI AMS-251 – Click HERE!

JUKI AMS-224EN Series – Computer Controlled Cycle Machine w/Input Function
The JUKI AMS-224EN series is a computer-controlled cycle machine with input function. Featuring up to 2,500 sti/min (stitch length 3mm or less), stepless control by programming, active tension (electronic thread tension mechanism), needle thread clamp, double capacity shuttle hook and much more. Performing various kinds of stitching for attaching handles to bags and pouches, attaching belts, sewing many small parts at a time, attaching parts to shoes and sports shoes and sewing airbags.
For More Information About JUKI AMS-224EN Series – Click HERE!


JUKI MO-6900 Series Overlock / Safety Stitch Extra Heavy-Duty Materials
The JUKI MO-6900 Series comes in two models (J/G). MO-6900G Series features bottom-feed, overlock / safety stitch for extra-heavy-weight materials. The JUKI MO-6900J Series features variable top-feed, overlock / safety stitch for extra heavy-weight materials. An advanced full-featured machine w/incorporated mechanisms and parts such as extra high-lift type upper looper, tractor foot and coarse type feed dog. Excellent for jeans, raised fabric materials, mats and carpets. Both series come in various models with a multitude of devices and attachments.
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