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Sewing Machines

AMF REECE is a premiere world-wide industrial sewing machine manufacturing leader. Please navigate through the categories below to browse AMF REECE’s offerings of sewing machine units. Dunlap Sunbrand International, Inc., is proud to provide AMF REECE’s entire line of sewing machines world wide. DSI is proud to be AMF REECE’s Exclusive North American Distributor!
For AMF REECE Industrial Sewing Machines – Click HERE!

Brother heavy-duty sewing machines made for production lines. From straight stitch to bar tack to buttonholers – Providing fast and operator-friendly industrial sewing machines. High-quality machines with minimal effort. Lockstitch, Double-chain stitch, or automated sewing machines – Brother features a very large variety of industrial sewing machines for an equally broad range of applications. Brother features sewing machines with pre-programmed sewing patterns, High sewing speeds, thread tension control, large sewing areas, electronic direct-drive operation, LCD displays and much more.
For Brother Sewing Machines – Click HERE!

CONSEW designs some of the most reliable sewing machines in the sewing industry. Featuring large varieties in sewing machines / application. From standard walking foot machines for upholstery to specialty 4-needle lockstitch machines for parachutes or long-arm zig-zag (up to 30″) machines for boat sails to extra-heavy duty machines for webbing…
Click HERE for more information about Consew’s line of sewing machines!

JUKI offers one of the broadest product lines in the industry and has an outstanding reputation world-wide. Whether single needle, double needle, safety stitch, lockstitch, coverstitch, bartack, belt loop, heavy duty or just about anything else, JUKI has a quality machine that delivers outstanding performance…
Click HERE For More Information About JUKI’s Line of Sewing Machines!

Kansai Special manufactures a variety of multi-needle machines with variations from single needle up to 12. 18 and 23 needle spacings. With flat beds and cylinder beds, they are often favored for their pullers and metering devices, which are excellent for elastic and tape operations as well as automatic and manual waist banding. Kansai’s multi-needle machines are popular for shirts, dresses, blouses, trousers, active wear/spandex and knits processes.
Click HERE for More Information About Kansai Special’s Line of Sewing Machines!

Merrow leads in the invention and manufacture of lockstitch industrial sewing machines, featuring more than 40 styles from elegant pearl stitch to rugged rolled butted seam machine. The worlds only Cam-driven sewing machine that stand up to heavy use. Cam-driven machines offering faster, quieter operation and greater durability. Focused on providing high-quality and stitches that impact, visual, performance and distinction ultimately bringing great value!
Click HERE for More information About Merrow’s Line of Sewing Machines!

Mitsubishi is an industry leader in sewing automation. Offering a wide range of added features, functions and factory automation connectivity. Designed for light- to heavy-duty applications in industries such as apparel, leather and automotive…
Click HERE for More Information About Mitsubishi’s Line of Sewing Machines!

Pegasus specialize in chainstitch machines primarily utilized in the sewing industry for stretchy fabrics such as underwear, sportswear and similar garments. Featuring a wide variety of both flatbed and cylinder bed machines. Pegasus’ strong focus on innovative productivity improvement tools and devices has made Pegasus highly praised world wide. Pegasus’ machines are known for their speed and quality world wide, and DSI has represented this manufacturer for 37+ years. Featuring a full line of high-speed / high-lift (foot and needle bar) machines as well as top feed heavy duty sergers.
Click HERE for More Information About Pegasus’ Line of Sewing Machines.

Union Special is the largest, oldest and last industrial sewing machine company remaining in the United States. Providing a large variety of non-apparel sewing machines – for such applications as bag making and closing, geotextiles, carpets, mats and rugs, mattress, tarps, tents, banners and nets. Additionally providing several specialty sewing machines specifically designed for the hosiery, knits, woven and zigzag applications.
Click HERE for More Information About Union Special’s Line of Sewing Machines!

Yamato is an industrial sewing machine solutions provider, focusing on high-precision designed and engineered industrial sewing machines to ensure better quality, reliability and productivity. Ensuring the ideal stitch characteristics through active thread control and labor saving devices. Yamato produces a wide variety of industrial sewing machines for an even wider assortment of applications; including overlock, safety stitch, interlock, flatseam, blind stitch, serging, buttonstitch and zigzag sewing machines.
Click HERE for More Information About Yamato’s Line of Sewing Machines!


DSI Provides top of the line high quality needles from Schmetz and Groz-Beckert and Organ Needles!

With over 3000 different needle variations, GROZ-BECKERT is a leader in the industry. Providing needles for a large variety of applications. Known for durability using titanium-nitride coating, increasing hardness and wear resistance. Loop control geometry provides greater stability and less deflection – less needle breakage and damage to the point!
For All Groz-Beckert Needles – Click HERE!

SCHMETZ needles comes in a large variety to ensure all applications you may need is covered. With features such as diamond point, conical reinforcement and larger humf scarf. Various features to ensure both stitch and productivity is in focus. Easy bulk ordering for industrial uses!
For All SCHMETZ Needles – Click HERE!

MERROW has been engineering and producing its curved needle since 1838. High precision needles guaranteeing a consistent stitch. Producing needles high carbon steel needles, for ideal ratio of hardness to elasticity. Chrome plating augments the needle with natural heat resistance. Additionally providing needles with titanium plating as well as their KOOLTORR coating. Available in a variety of sizes, points, blade, eye and configurations.
For MERROW’s Curved Needle flyer – Click HERE!

ORGAN Needles are recognized as a global top brand in the industrial sewing machine needle industry. Founded in 1920, Organ has produced high quality textile needles for most all applications, such as apparel (jackets, dresses, shirts), home decor products (sofas, curtains), car seats, airbags, shoes, bags, tatami mats, book binding and more. From standard needles to Organ’s PD (Perfect Durability) coated (Titanium Nitride) needle; Organ has a needle for every application!
For All Organ Needles – Click HERE!

Motors & Control Boxes

CONSEW – a leader in the industrial sewing machine industry, CONSEW provides high quality continuous running and clutch motors for most all applications. Featuring several models with both 1/2HP & 3/4HP; and multiple speed options. Quiet and cool running motors, with vibration absorbing qualities.
Click HERE for More Information About Consew Motors!

Efka is a world renowned manufacturer of electronic motors. Innovative products in the drive and control technology, focusing on providing intelligent solutions. Efka excels by designing and manufacturing strong and high speed motors, particularly prepared for harsh operating conditions and difficult production environments.
Click HERE for More Information About Efka Motors!

JUKI J7R KE120 Series Magnetic Servo Motor. Industrial and energy efficient for lockstitch, overlock and heavy duty machines.
Click HERE for More Information About JUKI Motors!

Mitsubishi Limiservo X G Series provies a compact lightweight motor with complete range of convenient functions.
Click HERE for More Information About Mitsubishi Motors!

Cutting, Spreading & Moving Equipment

Eastman Machine Company manufactures some of the very best cutting products in the industry. Round / rotary knives and straight knives / blades, manufactured with the very best materials and features. Making precision cuts effortlessly with the right tools are key! Eastman features a full lineup of precision cutting tools that will provide clean cuts even under large ply and heavy loads. With a large variety of both high-speeds and size of blade configurations, Eastman equipment ensures clean cutting with no fray and delicate material controls.
Click HERE for More Information About Eastman Products!

DANDUX manufactures a wide variety of moving products, such as textile trucks, hospital trucks, extra duty baskets & trucks, all purpose baskets, box truck, sanitary caps, elevated trucks, boxes, hampers and containers. Most products found in both fabric (canvas) and poly variations. Including Dandux’s own Glosstex. Providing their products with a large variety of options and ad-ons.
Click HERE for More Information About DANDUX products!

Apex AP-142E Fabric Bar
AP-142E Expandable 48 78″ Made In USA. Solid Cloth Bar. 3 Support Tubes Across Machine. Edge Control Utilizing Thomson Bearing Movement. More APEX products coming soon!
Click Here for More Information About APEX AP-142E

Simona manufactures ‘Frisylen’ top-quality plastic cutting pads for die-cutting. Perfect for use on leather, textiles, upholstered furniture, footwear and more. Long lasting, Smooth surface, reversible pads for all your die-cutting needs!
Click HERE for More Information About Simona Products!

Ergonomics & Seating

Bevco Industrial Seating Solutions
Bevco provides a wide variety of high-quality, durable seating solutions, built on demand to your specific requirements.
For More Information – Click HERE!

E Com Seating – Industrial, Commercial & Labratory Seating
Industry leader in innovative product design and manufacturing excellence. E Com designs and manufactures high quality customer driven ergonomic products and solutions. Try our ECOM Seating Build-Your-Chair Application!
For More Information – Click HERE!

Kessler KES 2000 VTH Workstation
Electrically height adjustable ergo stand, model “KES-2000-VTH-R075”. Sit-down/stand-up workstation with thread protected, 360° lockable casters. Table top supports, tiltable with hand crank, version “VTH”.
For More Information – Click HERE!

Phillocraft Pow-R-Pax Production / Cutting Tables
The Phillocraft style tabling gives you the flexibility to create the size table that best suits your specific application. Widths available starting at 24″ wide to any width required in 6″ increments. Lengths available starting at 4-foot long to any length required in 4-foot increments. Table has a heavy 12-gauge steel frame protected by Phillocraft’s special Tufcote epoxy electrostatic baked-on finish.
For More information – Click HERE!

Wearwell ErgoDeck Underfoot Foundation
Ergodeck by Wearwell provides solid, stable and resillient foundation underfoot in any industrial environment. Wearwell provides a large variety and custom options to provide the best ergonomically sound support to any size industrial working area.
For More Information – Click HERE!

Pressing & Finishing

Hashima Fusing Presses and Needle Detectors
Hashima provides a full range of fusing presses, needle detectors and KM brand knives to cover your every need. High quality, innovative products that sets the standard in the sewn products industry.
For More Information – Click HERE!

HI-Steam Vacuum Boards, Boilers with Irons and Hand Irons
Hi-Steam is an industry leader providing innovative finishing equipment, including boilers with iron, vacuum boards, spotting boards, tensioning machines and more. Providing faster and “green” solutions to finish garments, using steam and hot air, reducing need for hot metals to be pressed against the fabric.
For More Information – Click HERE!

JiffySteamer J-4000 PRO Line Series Commercial Steamer
The J-4000 Pro-Line series commercial clothing steamer is the series most powerful model, designed specifically for commercial use. Steam is the gentler alternative to ironing and is great for removing wrinkles from clothing, tablecloths, bedspreads and delicate materials.
For More Information – Click HERE!

SilverStar features light-weight; ergonimic handle and high-performing middle-of-the-process and completion-process gravity feed steam irons.
For More Information – Click HERE!

Fasten, Tag & Label

Avery Dennison Attaching, Fasteners & Tagging Systems for the garment industry.
Avery Dennison provides a full line of tools and fasteners for a large variety of applications. Almost invisible strong tags, plastic stapled and much more.
For More Information – Click HERE

Tennessee Imports

Tennessee Import Lables
Providing a variety of press on adhesive labels made in Italy to our exact spesifications. Multiple sizes, adhesive strengths and tamper proof.
For More Information About Tennessee Import Labels – Click HERE!

Horray Automatic Numbering Machines
An Alternative Shade Marking Method, Especially for Adhesion Resistant Fabrics. Available in several sizes and options. Additionally available with ink sourced from a global market leader.
For More Information About Horray Products – Click HERE!

Label Data

Label Data Shade Marking Labelers
Ergonomically engineered especially engineered for shade marking. A wide variety of labels available. Optional print bands. Inked roller never touches fabric nor hands!
For More Information About Label Data – Click HERE!

Accessories & Supplies

Sprayway Products in the Sewing Industry
Whether it is a specialized fabric adhesive or a high-quality, high-performance maintenance product to keep equipment running in top condition, Sprayway products are the perfect fit for the commercial sewing industry.
For More Information About All Sprayway Products – Check Our Our Accessories & Supplies Section – HERE!

DYNO Lighting
Providing the latest and very best in LED Lighting! Long lasting, energy efficient and energy friendly lighting solutions that provides a durable solution with flexibility to focus lighting where you need it through a wide variety of configurations.
For More Information About Dyno LED Lighting – Click HERE!

Dunlap Sunbrand International carries a wide variety of accessories and supplies useful for the sewn products industry. Items such as tweezers, needle threaders, seam rippers, loop turners, shirt collar buttoners, magnets, bobbin boxes, magnifiers, finger pads, fingertip moisteners, lint brushes & removers, beeswax, gauges, seam guides, oilers & sewing machine oil, star discs, bobbin washers, turbo cleaning, air hoses and fittings, lighting, measuring tools and more.


Eklind Tools
Providing a full range of professional shop tools, featuring a wide selection of Torx, Ball, Hex and screwdriver hand tools.
For More Information – Click HERE!

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle provides a full range of scissors & shears. Including the TC-801 & TC-805a best-selling thread nippers.
For More Information About Golden Eagle Products – Click HERE!

Kretzer Shears & Scissors
Providing superior quality for all your cutting needs through a full line of scissors and shears from Kretzer. Innovative and guaranteed german engineered scissors and shears that far exceed the expectations in any industrial or professional setting!
For More Information About Kretzer Shears & Scissors – Click HERE!


Mundial provides a full line of scissors and shears to support the sewn products industry; covering applications from industrial and sewn products, textiles, fibers, automotive and upholstery. High quality and durable dressmaker’s shears, sewing scissors, thread clips, pinking shears, buttonhole scissors, all purpose shears & straight trimmers.
For More information About All MUNDIAL Products – Click HERE!

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