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Dunlap Sunbrand International, Inc. carries a full complement of pressing and finishing products to support the sewn products industry. Fusing Presses, Steamers, Irons, Vacuum Boards, Utility Presses, Needle Detectors, Press Pads, Ironing Shoes, Fastening Tools and Fasteners to name a few. Featuring quality brands such as Avery Dennison, Silver Star, Hashima, HI-Steam and Jiffy Steamer.

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Swiftach® Mark V™ Fastening System
The Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Mark V™ Fastening System features an innovative unexposed and retractable needle design to minimize operator risk when attaching brand message, price, size and bard code tags to apparel.
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MicroPin™ Attaching System
The Avery Dennison® MicroPin™ Attaching System virtually eliminates injuries associated with metal pins. Virtually Invisible and customer safe plastic fasteners. A simple pull is all it takes and the consumer is ready to enjoy the product. No hidden pins, no sharp pins on the floor. Simple to use, design to fit into current industry standard shirt-folding methods. Leaves no holes in the fabric
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MicroTach™ Attaching System
The Avery Dennison® MicroTach™ Attaching System attaches soft goods to cardstock or baste fabric during in-process manufacturing. Small discreet nylon fasteners that hold fast and apply easily with a lightweight, handheld tool. Featuring optional brush anvil and easily removable fasteners.
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Plastic Staple® ST9500™ System
The Avery Dennison® Plastic Staple® ST9500™ System handles a wide range of garment processing challenges. Ideal for high-volume ticketing, tagging of jeans, trousers, tailoring and infant wear, attaching pocket flashers, waistband tickets, joker tags, pair and package dress socks and much more. Easy to remove by hand, with no risk of fabric damage, safer than thread bar tacks and much safer than metal staples due to no sharp edges.
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Swiftach® Systems
The Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Systems provides deep options and a wide variety of tools to perform a variety of applications; ranging from garment tagging and identification, textiles bundling, washing and finishing textiles, shoe lasting, food tagging and packaging finished products.
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HASHIMA HP-450MS-HAS Compact Fusing Press
The Hashima HP-450MS-HAS compact fusing press features automatic belt warping prevention device, upper belt warping prevention system, direct limit switch type like lower belt, fusing belt width 450mm, no-slip rubber driving roller and MS-Model.
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Hashima HN-880C

HASHIMA HN-880C / HN790G Needle Detector
Featuring 40M/min conveyor speed, adjustable conveyor speed for various accessories. Auto pre-check of sensor. Scalability allows for connecting to RFID and barcode reader. Optional HS-601 sorter can be attached behind detector. Equipped with 7 inch LCD touch panel monitor.
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Jiffy Steamer J-4000 Pro-Line Series Commercial Clothing Steamer
The J-4000 Pro-Line series commercial clothing steamer is the series most powerful model, designed specifically for commercial use. Department stores, restaurants and other businesses around the world rely on the efficiency of the J-4000 as an integral part of their operations.
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HI-Steam PND-1142U Utility Press
The Hi-Steam PND-1142U Utility Press features timer controlled, stainless steel table, with adjustable iron stand and 24 volt control system for safety.
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HI-Steam PND-1000AC Vacuum Board
The Hi-Steam PND-1000AC Vacuum Board features self-contained vacuum, headed pressing surface, and is ideal for tailors, alteration rooms, drop-off stores, clothing stores, valet service, tuxedo and bridal shops. Designed for small spaces.
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HI-Steam EFE-290 All Steam Iron
The Hi-Steam EFE-290 All Steam Iron features a light touch steam valve, metal steam regulator and includes 2 Teflon hoses and silicone iron rest. With a welded internal construction and a thermo-tech jacket.
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HI-Steam EFE-55W Bottle Iron
The Hi-Steam EFE-55W Bottle Iron is ideal for dry cleaning plants, drop stores, alteration departments, tailor shops and retail stores. Generates its own steam without boiler. Uses ordinary tap water and is ready in 3 minutes.
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HI-Steam MVP-35 Auto Boiler w/Pump
HI-Steam MVP-35 Auto Boiler w/Pump provides the following features: Mini boiler with professional iron, no plumbing connections required. Perfect for busy pressing stations needing non-stop steam supply.
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SilverStar EZ-85-110v-S Steam Iron
The SilverStar EZ-85-110V-S Iron is light and easy to be handled in narrow spaces, because of the gravity dripping emission method not requiring a boiler. The EZ-85-110V-S iron comes in two categories: Middle Process Irons and Completion Process Irons.
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SilverStar EZ-90-110V-S Gravity Steam Iron
The SilverStar EZ-90-110V-S is a new improved designed; featuring improved steam output, ergonomic urethane handle for less user fatigue, and easy press, soft-touch button.
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