Yamato Sewing Machines

Yamato VE-8F Series (VE2711 & VE2713)

Yamato VE-8F Series sewing machine is a small cylinder bed interlock stitch machine. Providing double- or triple- needle for light fabrics, medium fabrics or special spesifications. Submodels are available for specialized applications of hemming (VE2711) or covering (VE2713(P)). Featuring new patented needle guard with adjustable vertical position and angle, easily adjustable stitch length. A great choice for hemming or covering small circular articles, such as cuffs on long sleeve shirts, ankles of pants, neckline of sweatshirts or covering armholes. Additional devices available: Automatic Under Thread Trimmer (UT) and Automatic Top Cover Thread Trimmer (ST). All machines come with Yamato’s patented Active Thread Control.

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