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AMF REECE is a leading world-wide manufacturer of industrial sewing machines. Producing a wide variety of machines from mechanical and electronic eyelet buttonhole machines, chainstitch machines, decorative handstitching machines, button stitching and wrapping machines to autojig and trouser sewing units including pocket welting machines.

DSI has been the exclusive North American distributor for AMF REECE for many years. AMF REECE sets the standard for buttonhole machines and continues to specialize in cycle machines with consistent and attractive stitching. In addition to the hand-sewn appearance buttonhole equipment, AMF REECE produces automatic hemmers, autojig pattern sewing (pockets and collars) and automatic belt loop machines.

  • AMF REECE 84-78 Auto Jig
    Automatic Template Stitching System – automatic assembly of garment components with high consistent quality. Double or single jigs with or without fullness can be used. The 84-78 comes in several models with or without tools. Contact Your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today For All Your AMF REECE Industrial Sewing Machine Needs Today!
  • AMF REECE ATLAS MARK IV – Automatic Belt-Loop Setter for Jeans
    The AMF REECE Atlas Mark IV Automatic Belt-loop setter for jeans provides fully automatic belt-loop length change in just seconds, allowing sewing of fully user-customizable tack patterns by electronically-driven X-Y feeding and twin-needle system. Sewing 2,700 spm, with storage of up to 99 patterns internally. Using the 301 lockstitch and #134; UYX 128 GAS needle … Read more
  • AMF REECE BL-3100 Blind Stitch Sewing Unit for Sewing Belt Loops
    The AMF REECE BL-3100 sewing unit prepares double folded belt loops with inserted tape using a blind stitch, forming belt loops with consistent quality and high productivity. Featuring front cutter for cutting the stripes, front feeder, easy stitch depth adjustment, thread puller and special knives for top and bottom fabric cutting. Standard belt loop pressing … Read more
  • AMF REECE BSW MARK III Button Wrapping & Knotting Machine
    The AMF REECE BSW Mark III button wrapping and knotting machine applications include suit jackets, outerwear or any garment requiring a shank button. Featuring use of normal thread to eliminate color matching issues, suitable for all types and sizes of buttons, no needle or bobbin required, tight knotting and programmable number of wraps and knots … Read more
  • AMF REECE BT-3200 & BT2700 Bar-Tacking Button-Sewing Machine
    The AMF REECE single needle lock stitch electronic direct drive lockstitch bar-tacker (BT-3200) and the electronic direct drive lockstitch button sewer (BT-2700) features both wiper, tread trimmer and thread nipper devices as standard equipment. Providing 89/49 already set sewing patters with an additional 200 patters can be added and up to 200,000 stitches. Featuring models … Read more
  • AMF REECE BT-3500 Strip-Held Button Sewer
    The AMF REECE BT-3500 Strip-held button sewer station designed to automatically attach buttons on military uniform jackets, shirts and trousers providing unmatched productivity and easy of use. Featuring automatic folding of pre-cut button holding strips, single needle tacking operation, lockstitch, electronically adjustable tacking length and number of stitches. Contact Your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today … Read more
  • AMF REECE Deco 2000 Decorative Hand Stitching Machine
    Electronically controlled, the AMF REECE Deco 2000 duplicates the needlework of a skilled hand sewer. Sewing pick stitch, saddle stitch and long/short variations. Equipped with a thread-trimming mechanism, can sew with a standard cone thread. Operations easily controlled by a user-friendly touch screen. Features a floating needle system, reversed stitch function, backtacking and condenced stitching … Read more
  • AMF REECE DP-3500 Automatic Short Seamer Unit
    The AMF REECE DP-3500 is used for automatic sewing of darts and waistband pleats. Producing all seam types with a consistent quality and desired dimensions easily set on the touch screen display. Featuring laser light, needle locking system, top thread monitor, automatic thread trimming at end of seam, vacuum system as well as condensed stitching … Read more
  • AMF REECE EBS Mark II Button Sewing & Neck Wrapping Machine
    Electronic button sewing machine duplicating the quality of hand sewn buttons with unique floating needle technology. Sewing buttons that stand away from the jacket front with tightly wrapped shank and no unsightly thread showing on the underside of the garment. Featuring 2-, 3- and 4-hole sew through buttons to shank buttons in different sizes capabilities. … Read more
  • AMF REECE ES-505 Angle Indexer Eyelet Buttonhole Machine
    Electronic eyelet buttonhole machine, complemented with an indexing unit capable of angle buttonhole sewing, especially suitable for real sleeve buttnhole sewing. Featuring single needle double chainstitch, with or without gimp. The fastest machine available, at 2,700 spm. Featuring modular design of the sewing head and integrated sewing motor, new vertical cutting system, new longer clamp … Read more
  • AMF REECE FF-2500 for Top Stitching Trouser Fly Fronts
    The AMF REECE FF-2500 (Section 2 of document below) – Is designed for automatic stop stitching of fly pieces on trousers for consistent quality and productivity. Featuring adjustable stitch widths (4) from touch screen. Suitable for both formal and casual trousers. Seam end positioned anywhere on waistband, including top or bottom edges. Featuring vacuum system, … Read more
  • AMF REECE FZ-3400 & BL-3100 Sewing Units for Zippers & Belt Loops
    The AMF REECE FZ-3400 sewing unit automates the attachment of zippers to trouser flies, eliminating fusing of fly piece. Provides consistent seam widths and pucker-free operation on difficult to feed fabrics. Uses continuous zipper form minimizing waste. Featuring twin needle chainstitch, tape feeder, zipper feed system and intermittent top puller with adjustable speed to bottom … Read more
  • AMF REECE LW 7001 Advanced Pocketwelting Machine
    Ideal for all segments of the apparel industy, the LW-7001 can be used for all types of welted pockets. Sewing at high speeds up to 3,000 spm, capable for use on a variety of applications with a large range of optional accessories. Comes in twin needle single needle bar (LW 7001) and twin needle split … Read more
  • AMF REECE PF-2200 Sewing Unit for Folding and Attaching of Pocket Facings
    The AMF REECE PF-2200 is a pocket facing machine automating folding and attaching pocket facings onto the pocket bags producing consistent quality and high productivity.Features such as stitching length adjustable from panel or controlled by photocell, touch screen, stacker, top thread monitor and laser marking light and backtacking come standard. With options for extra laser … Read more
  • AMF REECE PP-7100 Automatic Polo Placket Setting Machine
    The AMF REECE PP-7100 Automatic polo placket setting machine produces both set-on (open or closed selectable) or hidden placket (single or double knife operation), automatic start by photocell activation, condensed stitching and backtacking at start and end, laser guided body and placket matching. Features programmable stitch and cutting patterns due to X-Y movement, with 6 … Read more
  • AMF REECE PS 250 Automatic Double Color Pocket Setter For Jeans and Workwear
    The AMF REECE PS 250 folds pocket cloths and fit into a designated size and then sew it. Utilizing touch control panel for direct programming of 1,000 patters, provides flexibility and effective machine control. Lockstitch sewing style utilizing a CB-looper ensures high sewing reliability. Ability to utilize two different colors during one cycle due to … Read more
  • AMF REECE RA-3700 Ultrasonic Ribbon Loop Attacher
    The AMF REECE RA-3700 automation unit attaching ribbon loops on garments. Continuous form satin ribbon is cut, folded, and sewn on the garment in an automatic sequence. Featuring selection of loop length from control panel, ultrasonic ribbon cutting, electronic detection and warning of splice and joints. No waste material, no extra folding for thermal or … Read more
  • AMF REECE RPS/F-Series – Pattern Sewing Machine
    The AMF REECE RPS/F- Series Electronically controlled pattern sewing machine with direct drive provide 6 sub-models with different sized working areas. (RPS/F-1507, 2010, 3020,4032, 6032 and 6040). The RPS/F series also features a variety of options such as inverting clamp, laser pointer, needle cooling, programmable presser foot, thread holder and more. The RPS-01 Software is … Read more
  • AMF REECE S-100, S-101, S-105 Mechanical Eyelet Buttonhole Machine
    3 models of mechanical eyelet buttonhole machines with a variety of features to fit your needs! Comes with a variety of options and features, capable of multiple buttonhole types, and even producing a handsewn appearance. Simple adjustments and cutting before, after or no cut selections. Contact Your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today For All Your … Read more
  • AMF REECE S-311 Eyelet Buttonhole Machine
    The AMF REECE S-311 is an electronically controlled and fully programmable eyelet buttonhole machine with Indexer, single needle double chainstitch with or without gimp. . Specially designed for sewing multiple buttonholes on jacket sleeves and jeans fly fronts at required distances between each buttonhole. The S-311 comes in two models: AF (Adjustable flybar) for regular … Read more
  • AMF REECE S-4000 & S-4001 Imitation Sleeve Buttonhole Machine
    The AMF REECE S-4000 & S4001 Imitation sleeve buttonhole machines provides an electronically controlled nonfunctional chainstitch straight buttonhole on jacket sleeves. Based on the S-4000 familiar platform, with all the known standard features. Programmable with the Indexer to sew imitation buttonholes at specific distances through the touch screen control panel. The S-4001 primarily for decorative … Read more
  • AMF REECE S-4000 Line (BH – TKF – LS – CAED – LT)
    The AMF REECE S-4000 line chainstitch buttonhole and special application machines provides electronically adjustable sewing speed up to 3,800 spm and electronic stop motion. The single thread chainstitch machine line all features pneumatic clamping, cutting and thread trimming. Easy length and stitch bite adjustments, without tilting head back and single pedal electronic start. Please review … Read more
  • AMF REECE S-4002 Imitation Sleeve Buttonhole Machine W/Electronic Feed
    The AMF REECE S-4002 Imitation sleeve buttonhole machines w/electronic feeding, provides an electronically controlled nonfunctional chainstitch straight buttonhole on jacket sleeves. Based on the S-4000 familiar platform, with all the known standard features. Programmable with the Indexer to sew imitation buttonholes at specific distances through the touch screen control panel. The S-4002 comes in 2 … Read more
  • AMF REECE SP-2600 Sewing Unit for Side Pockets
    The AMF REECE SP-2600 is primarily used for top stitching side pockets, producing uniform seam quality and high productivity on trouser applications. Features such as touch screen display, automatic cutting and folding fabric, pneumatic thread trimming, backtacking, laser marking light, vacuum system and needle thread monitor comes standard. Contact Your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today … Read more
  • AMF REECE TH-5500 Automatic Bottom Hemming Machine
    The AMF REECE TH-5500 automatic bottom hemming machine provides an overlapping method increasing productivity and ensuring accurately sewn hems without operator interference. Ideal for jeans, casual trousers and skirts. Featuring needle feed, lockstitch machine with extra large hook and automatic thread trimming. Additionally featuring single knob hem folding width adjustment, independent dual presser foot, hem … Read more
  • AMF REECE TS-1300 & TS-2300 Side Seamer Units
    The AMF REECE TS-1300 and TS-2300 are fitted with the Pegasus EXT 3216 sewing head and produces a max 7,000 spm. Using the B27 80-120Nm needle system. Designed to sew side seams and inseams on trousers and lining seams on skirts. Providing an option to sew 4 or 5-thread safety stitches and double chainstitch seams. … Read more
  • AMF REECE TS-1600 & TS-1700
    The AMF REECE TS-1600 and TS-1700 Serging units are designed for automatic serging for trousers and skirts with or without knee lining. Featuring overlock (Pegasus EX 5204) sewing head on the TS-1600, and Overlock with top & bottom differential feeding (Pegasus EXT 5204) on the TS-1700. Ability to manually preseam hem, fly curve and seat … Read more
  • AMF REECE TW 5910/TW 5920 Sewing Unit for Waistband Attaching on Jeans and Casual Trousers
    The AMF REECE TW-5910 and TW-5920 sewing unit for attaching waistband on jeans and casual trousers produces pucker free seam and no marking on difficult fabrics. Ensuring longevity and productivity by ease of use. Versatility using 2 to 6 needles for double chainstitch. Top and bottom feed, double puller system compensating for different thickness of … Read more
  • AMF REECE TW-5900 / TW-5910 / TW-5920 Automatic Waistband Attachment Automates
    The AMF REECE TW-5900 / TW-5910 / TW-5920 Automatic Waistband Attachment Automates, attaches waistbands on jeans and casual trousers using endless waistband strips from a roll. Featuring a cylinder bed double chainstitch sewing head from 2 to 6 needles. Top and bottom feed, Independent cutting and skipping stitches can be set by operator, ensures a … Read more
  • AMF REECE WC-3300 for Stitching Waistbands
    The AMF REECE WC-3300 Sewing Unit provides a high quality solution to stitching through waistbands in the seam shadow of trousers and skirt waistbands. Featuring the combination of bottom, needle and top puller feed with a high speed sewing head makes it process waistband accurately and productively. Featuring a spring loaded ergonomically shaped table for … Read more
  • AMF REECE WL-3200 Blind Stitch Sewing Unit for Waistband Felling on Formal Trousers
    The AMF REECE BL-3100 blind stitch sewing unit produces attached lining to waistband using a blind stitch. Performing equally well on light to heavy fabrics. Featuring continuously adjustable spring loaded plunger, pneumatically controlled compensating system for adjusting to different fabric thickness, rubber upper and lower transport system for eliminating marks on fabric, pneumatic foot lifter, … Read more

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