JUKI Sewing Machines

JUKI LZ-2290C / LZ-2290C-7 Digital Zigzag Stitch System

The JUKI LZ-2290C / LZ-2290C-7 Digital Zigzag stitch system provides standard 11 types / 20 patterns of stitch shapes (able to create additional original patterns). Ideal for brassiere sewing, topstitching for welt pockets. sewing collar cloths and sewing labels, front bodies of jackets and blouses. features an active presser foot (auto adjusted according to sewing speed), multi-layered portion detection device and is capable of sewing diversified patterns. Boasting easy feed timing change by operational panel based on material (Standard, light-weight, heavy-weight and Anti-fabric-slip-sewing).

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Needle at time of shipment:
ORGAN DP x 5 (#10)
SCHMETZ 438 (Nm 75)

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