MERROW Sewing Machines


The purl stitching machine (merrowing machine) sews a narrow rolled hem on a light- to mid-weight fabrics. Can be ruffled. Used world wide to sew delicate rolled hems on wedding dresses, lingerie, evening wear and home decor. Featuring 5,500RPM’s unique cam drive and hand crafted looper carrier and needle plate. Produces tight, straight, elegant stitch on items such as cotton tank top, folding napkins or crepe chemise.

Merrow’s overlock sewing machines sews on a huge variety of material types, such as woven fabric, knit fabric, terry towel, denim, technical textiles and nonwovens. Including from vulcanized rubber to fiberglass to insulation. With more than 645 different needle plates and feed dogs available; Merrow can modify the stitch to accommodate demanding fabrics.


Operating Speed5,500 RPM
Stitch Width1/16″ – 3/16″
Stitch Range14 – 40 SPI (22 SPI Standard)
Standard NeedleMerrow 2SDT
Merrow Needle RangeMerrow 0SDT – 4SDT
Stitch Type502
Motor RequiredMerrow M12, 1/2HP, 3450 RPM
Number of Threads2 – 6

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