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Horray Automatic Numbering Machines

Horray Automatic Numbering Machines

An Alternative Shade Marking Method, Especially for Adhesion Resistant Fabrics
7 – 12 Wheels
Character Sizes: 3.5mm – 4.5mm – 5.5mm
Automatic Advance: 0 to 4 Times
Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Metal Frame
4.5mm & 5.5mm Machines w/6 Wheels
Automatic Advance: 1 to 4 Times
Durable Light Weight Plastic Frame

In Addition to the Horray Machines, We Offer a Line of Quality Inks, Especially Formulated for Shade Marking by a Global Market Leader. The Following Types are Available in a Range of Colors Typically Sold in Pints:

#5355 Washable – #1644 Regular – #8384 Indelible

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