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SPRAYWAY SW821 – No Fray Spray

Fast-drying No Fray Spray (SW821) helps the needle trade professional by preventing the unraveling of fabric and the slippage of threads. Excellent for storing fabric safely. Additionally, eliminates over-edge stitching, reduces seam failure and material waste as well as saves labor time.

Note: When using No. 821, the top and bottom of fabric in each bundle must be covered with paper to shield against overspray.

Can Size:16 oz.
Net Weight:10.5 oz.
Shipping Weight:11 lbs.
Packaged:12 cans per case
UPC No.:0 41911 00821 1
Fragrance:Solvent Odor
Spray Pattern:Fine Mist
Shelf Life: 1 Year +
Ozone Depleting Compounds:None
Recyclable Packaging?Yes
VOC Compliant CARB/OTC:No
CPSC Flammability:Required to be labeled as extremely flammable per 16 CFR 1500
24 Hour Medical Emergency:+1 (800) 836-8855
  • Prevents Thread Slippage
  • Prevents Unraveling of Fabrics
  • Eliminates Over-edge Stitching

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