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Customer Success Story – Phillocraft Pow-R-Pax Table

Here at Dunlap Sunbrand International, Inc. there is nothing more satisfactory than to see our equipment in action; The reward of seeing our customers accomplish their mission with high productivity and quality in an effective, ergonomically sound and safe environment is second to none.

The video below is from one of our customers who recently installed a Phillocraft Pow-R-Pax production / cutting table. The install consisted of 29 sections, totalling 1,392 inches long (116 Feet / 35 Meters) and 72 inches wide.

Thank You, dndndndndndn, for your order! We, at Dunlap Sunbrand International, Inc., appreciate your business very much!

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Phillocraft Pow-R-Pax Production / Cutting Tables

The Phillocraft style tabling gives you the flexibility to create the size table that best suits your specific application. Widths available starting at 24″ wide to any width required in 6″ increments. Lengths available starting at 4-foot long to any length required in 4-foot increments. Table includes a heavy 12-gauge steel frame protected by Phillocraft’s special Tufcote epoxy electrostatic baked-on finish.

Legs adjust table height from 26 3/8″ to 43 3/4″ (standard adjustability is from 33″ to 37″). The table tops are a full 1″ thick with your choice of hardboard or plastic laminate over high density flake core. Optional air floation systems (to move your goods in process much easier), vacuum systems (to hold goods in place), and power-driven, moveable tables are also available.

  • All sections are 48″ long with one piece tops in widths of 24″,30″,36″,42″,48″,54″, “60”,66″,72″,78″,84″,90″,and 96″.
  • Tables wider than 78″ are available by using the Xpandx Kit in sizes of 84″ and wider.
  • Legs adjust height from 33″ to 37″ high. Optional height adjustment from 26 3/8″ to 43 3/4″ is also available.
  • Table tops consist of double faced high density flake core with hardboard or plastic laminate.
  • Heavy guage all strip steel interlocking framework with smooth rolled edges throughout.
  • Parallel apron rails form a permanent steel edge foundation for tops and tracks.
  • Invisible steel spline clamping bars connect tops together to form a smooth, continuous surface.
  • Tufcote Epoxy electrostatic baked finish on all steel parts.
  • Optional roller suspension, fully enclosed, tier style steel drawers with lock and keys.
  • Heavy-duty accessory options include: Magnatrax, Magnapron, Magnabrim, Magnarim, Reinforcing Stringers and Steel Strips.

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