Merrow manufactures more than 360 models of production grade sowing machines; high quality precision tolerances to maximize productivity. Merrow invented the overlock stitch and remains the industry leader in technical sewing, sewing in the fashion industry with the new ActiveSeam stitch, and end-to-end seaming joining). Durable and reliable machines that withstand even the most rigorous processes, materials, environment and applications. Additionally, Merrow features a large variety of needle plates and feed dogs, to modify the stitch to virtually any demanding fabrics.

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MERROW Sewing Machines


The ActiveSeam platform (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4) are a two or three-thread serger that sews three versions of the activeseam. The ActiveSeam 2 provides an alternative to flatlock, interlock and overlock stitching on sewn garments. Featuring 5,500 RPM operating speed, stitch width of 3/32″ – 5/32″, 10-40 SPI and the federal stitch type ActiveSeam, with the A1DF standard needle (Needle ranger: Merrow A00DF – A2DF).

The Merrow MB-4DF0 requires a 3450 RMP, 110/220 volt, 1/2 HP motor. The MB-4DF0 2.0 Applications include: ActiveSeam for advanced protective combat uniform, ActiveSeam INFUSED for circular knit garments, ActiveSeam COMFORT for 195g Merino Wool, ActiveSeam INFUSED for schoeller soft shell, ActiveSeam Comfort for Polartec Powerstretch and Active Seam Comfort for Polartec Power Dry. 

The Merrow ActiveSeam comes in several submodels as well; The Merrow MB-4DFO for flat overlock for technical fabrics, utilizing materials such as Spandex, Dn Fit, Capilene and Fleece. The MG-3DW-7 for 1/4″ seam (Nomex thread on Nomex material) on flame-resistant stitch for Nomex Garments. The MG-3U Velcro is specially designed for emblem edge for military patches – Hook and Loop emblem edging. The MG-3DW-7 provides 1/4″ heom on cuff of kevlar glvoe in a tight stitch that complete covers the edge of the cuff; both Kevlar and Heavy Synthetics materials. The MG-3D sews a 1/4″ overedge on heavy wool (army) blankets.

The MB-4DFO 2.0 utilizes Merrow’s unique barrel cam architecture and curved needles to sew more precisely and consistently than other sewing machines. Sewing with two needles, it has the versatility to sew three different stitches with either two or three threads.

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