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DANDUX manufactures a wide variety of moving products, such as textile trucks, all purpose baskets, box truck, sanitary caps, elevated trucks, extractor trucks, extra-duty trucks & baskets, flare trucks, hospital trucks, frame trucks, metal transport trucks, outlift trucks, pallet tubs, bulk/shelf trucks, shipping containers, shipping hampers, skid boxes sorting systems, step trucks, tanks, taper trucks, tilt trucks and much more.

Products made from Glosstex™ (a vinyl coated fabric), widely used in Dandux fabric trucks. Durable fabric with a smooth, glossy and snag-less surface making dirt and grease easy to remove.

Poly products such as liners, tubs and trucks comply with Federal Flammability Regulations (16CFR1500.3 and CFR 1500.44 as not a flammable solid.  All Dandux plastic products can be manufactured with FDA accepted resins for use with food and/or pharmaceuticals.

C.R. Daniels, Inc. has the ability to custom manufacture using fabrics, plastics and metals to meet your specific needs.

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Groz-Beckert is an industry leader manufacturing over 3000 different industrial sewing needles, precision engineered and manufactures for an enormously wide variety of applications.

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SCHMETZ is a leading manufacturer of industrial sewing machine needles. SCHMETZ features a wide variety of needles for all applications. Typically sold in boxes of 100 needles. An industry leader, Schmetz continues to research and develop new innovative needle technologies. Read more about Schmetz unique needle’s, their coating, their hardness and special design features in the “DSI Guides” section.

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An industry leader in industrial sewing applications and automation. Featuring programmable large sewing area sewing machines with a wide range of features, functions and automation connectivity. Additionally; Mitsubishi manufactures both trimmer sewing machines and standard sewing machines. Mitsubishi’s XC-G series servo motor is also recognized worldwide a a premier choice in a high function drive motor for most all lockstitch and chainstitch equipment.

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Merrow manufactures more than 360 models of production grade sowing machines; high quality precision tolerances to maximize productivity. Merrow invented the overlock stitch and remains the industry leader in technical sewing, sewing in the fashion industry with the new ActiveSeam stitch, and end-to-end seaming joining). Durable and reliable machines that withstand even the most rigorous processes, materials, environment and applications. Additionally, Merrow features a large variety of needle plates and feed dogs, to modify the stitch to virtually any demanding fabrics.

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EFKA is a world renowned manufacturer of electronic motors. Innovative products in the drive and control technology, focusing on providing intelligent solutions. Efka excels by designing and manufacturing strong and high speed motors, particularly prepared for harsh operating conditions and difficult production environments.

Efka & DSI Extends Relationship – DSI Now Sole Authorized Efka Service Center in US!
Dunlap Sunbrand International is glad to extend their relationship of over 35 years with Efka of America as DSI Electronic Repair Center becomes the sole Authorized Efka Service Center in the US. DSI is authorized to perform both warranty and non-warranty work!
For More Information – Click HERE!
To Read Efka’s Announcement – Click Here!
To Read DSI’s News Release – Click Here!

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From standard walking foot, to long-arm zig-zag (up to 30”), Lockstitch, Chainstitch, Bag Closing and Button Sewers, to specialty 4 needle Lockstitch machines, CONSEW offers good reliability and value. The products are well designed for most all applications in the sewn products industry. Clinton Industries is now a part of Consew!

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Straight stitch, buttonholer or bar tack. Lockstitch, Double-chain stitch, or automated sewing machines. Brother features a very large variety of industrial sewing machines for an equally broad range of applications. Brother features sewing machines with pre-programmed sewing patterns, High sewing speeds, thread tension control, large sewing areas, electronic direct-drive operation, LCD displays and much more.

Please Contact Your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today For All Your BROTHER Industrial Sewing Machine & Parts Needs.



AMF REECE is a premiere world-wide industrial sewing machine manufacturing leader. Please navigate through the categories below to browse AMF REECE’s offerings of sewing machine units. Dunlap Sunbrand International, Inc., is proud to provide AMF REECE’s entire line of sewing machines world wide. DSI is proud to be AMF REECE’s Exclusive North American Distributor!

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Eastman Machine Company manufactures some of the very best cutting products in the industry. Round / rotary knives and straight knives / blades, manufactured with the very best materials and features. Making precision cuts effortlessly with the right tools are key! Eastman features a full lineup of precision cutting tools that will provide clean cuts even under large ply and heavy loads. With a large variety of both high-speeds and size of blade configurations, Eastman equipment ensures clean cutting with no fray and delicate material controls.

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E COM Seating

ECom Seating is a leading provider of laboratory furniture solutions in the healthcare, academic, industrial and technology sectors.

ECom designs and manufactures high quality customer driven ergonomic products and solutions.

ECom employs state-of-the-art engineering design/build processes to manufacture new customer driven products with the objective of dramatically reducing the concept to market timeframe. ECom works directly with partners from the earliest possible stage of the ideas through design and product development.

Dunlap Sunbrand International, inc. is proud to provide professional and long lasting industrial seating solutions

Please navigate to the ECom Seating section of our website to browse the industrial seating catalog, or to utilize the “Build Your Chair” application to custom fit your seating to your needs!



The precision engineering products company, founded in 1932 by Karl Horray, has developed to become a reputable specialist for metal hand stamps. Since 1983, Horray has been a member of the REINER group of companies. Horray hand and electric stamps fulfill the highest standards.

Dunlap Sunbrand International, Inc. is proud to provide a strong lineup of automatic numbering machines from Horray!

Check out our products section for all your numbering and marking needs!



PEGASUS sewing technology is employed in many of your favorite clothing articles.

Various kinds of sewing technology, such as hand sewing, plain seaming, chain-stitching are used to complete each piece of comfortable-to-wear clothing. Especially chain-stitching, which utilizes the characteristics of stretchy fabrics, has a broad range of applications and is used for different parts of clothes. PEGASUS has been manufacturing “industrial Kan-nui (chain-stitching) machines” for many years, and we have developed our own, unique Kan-nui technology. Fortunately, PEGASUS now has earned the deep trust of our customers and we have been highly-praised, both at home and abroad, as a top-selling brand, featuring “industrial Kan-nui (chain-stitching) machines.”

We are very proud of the fact that PEGASUS technology is used in many of your favorite clothing. Hereafter, PEGASUS will strive to meet the challenge of creating new sewing technology in the rapidly changing fashion world.

Dunlap Sunbrand International, inc. is a proud top distributor world wide of Pegasus industrial sewing machines.

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“Industrial sewing machines are designed to be run at higher speed so that higher productivity can be realized, especially for mass-production.  High quality industrial sewing machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for stable production of better quality garments. Further enhancement of quality and productivity can be achieved when attaching various deskilling and labor saving devices which automates and standardizes manual operations.

Precise machining, manufacturing & quality management system

Fine parts, assembly and quality control

High quality industrial sewing machines employ precisely processed parts, manufacturing process with professional care and state-of-the-art quality management system.  Some industrial overlock machines can run at more than 8,000 stitches per minutes speed.  In order to make up neat seaming at such high speed, it is very important that each part must surely catch sewing threads.  In order to realize that, key parts of those machines are designed to pass each other in every 7/1000 second with almost zero clearance.  Quality of those key parts are defined and managed in micro meter level.  High precise parts, professional manufacturing and quality management system enables high speed running for better productivity.

Realize better quality and productivity

Fine parts, assembly and quality control
High quality industrial sewing machines are equipped with various technologies for better quality apparel.  For example, Yamato’s SPEED & DRY technology.  Preventing oil stains from sewing machines is very important to maintain quality of apparel products.  However, several sliding parts like needle bars and looper mechanisms must be exposed because of interections with fabrics. 

State-of-the-art coating technology, signature sealing technology and lubricating section design enabled Yamato to realize the world’s first sewing machine running at an ultra high speed with the micro lubirication technology.  The micro-lubrication technology confines lubrication oils inside the machine so that high quality apparel products free from the leaked oil can be achieved.”

Source: Yamato Solution Provider (

Dunlap Sunbrand International, Inc. is proud to be a top Yamato Solutions Provider world wide. Providing high-quality industrial sewing machines from Yamato to fit all your sewn products industry needs!

Check out our DSI Guides section for parts lists and manuals.
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JUKI offers one of the broadest product lines in the industry and has an outstanding reputation world-wide. Whether single needle, double needle, safety stitch, lockstitch, coverstitch, bartack, belt loop, heavy duty or just about anything else, JUKI has a quality sewing machine that delivers outstanding performance.

JUKI also excels with the AMS computer-controlled cycle machines which have large sew fields. Quite popular too are the LK Programmable pattern sewing machines for smaller sewing fields, pockets and box “X” patterns. DSI has represented JUKI for more than forty years and can advise and/or recommend the best machine for your needs.

DSI is an authorized distributor for Genuine JUKI Parts and has consistently been one of the top two distributors in the USA. We stock many JUKI parts and can typically obtain any parts we don’t stock quickly.

Please Contact Your Preferred DSI Sales Office Today For All Your Juki Industrial Sewing Machines & Parts Needs!