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SPRAYWAY SW955 Anti-Static Spray

The SW955 Anti-Static Spray counteracts static electricity charges that attract dust, prevent materials from feeding properly or “shock” equipment operators. Helps prevent data loss and damage to a computer’s memory. Use on natural or synthetic rugs, carpeting, furniture, drapes and cairs.

No. 955 Anti-Static Spray can also be used on metal rollers, drive belts, scanners and electronic image processors.
– Harmless to printing plates, plastics, paper and textile products
– Safe to use on wool, nylon and other synthetic rugs and carpets
– For use on machinery or places where static may generate

Can Size:20 oz.
Net Weight:14 oz.
Shipping Weight:15 lb.
Packaged:12 cans per case
UPC No.:0 41911 00955 3
Color:Clear, Colorless
Spray Pattern:Light Misty
Shelf Life: 1 Year +
Ozone Depleting Compounds?None
Recyclable Packaging?Yes
VOC Compliant CARB/OTC:Yes
CPSC Flammability:Flammable
24 Hour Medical Emergency:+1 (800) 836-8855

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