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SPRAYWAY SW823 Fusing Machine Cleaner

The Fusing Machine Cleaner effectively removes adhesive and contaminants residue from the operating surfaces and interlining fusing machines. Quick and easy to use and to clean up. No. 823 preserves surfaces and reduces further sticking of adhesives to Teflon-coated belts and plates. Contains highly viscous silicone and is non-flammable under fusing conditions.

No. 823 Fusing Machine Cleaner cleans operating surfaces of interlining fusing machines.

Can Size:16 oz.
Net Weight:14 oz.
Shipping Weight:14 lb.
Packaged:12 cans per case
UPC No.:0 41911 00823 5
Color:Clear to slightly hazy liquid
Fragrance:Solvent odor
Shelf Life: 1 Year +
Ozone Depleting Compounds?None
Recyclable Packaging?Yes
VOC Compliant CARB/OTC:No
Flammability:Required to be labeled as flammable per 16 CFR 1500
24 Hour Medical Emergency:+1 (800) 836-8855

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