Mitsubishi Sewing Machines

Mitsubishi Standard Sewing Machines

Mitsubishi Standard Sewing Machines refers to Mitsubishi’s conventional (lockstitch) machines without thread trimmers. Models for light- and heavy-weight sewing applications for apparel, leather goods, car seats and much more. Single and double needle models with a variety of needle gauge parts are available. Feeding systems include drop feed, needle feed, compound feed and drop feed with upper feed.

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Mitsubishi LU2-4400-B0B / 4420-B0B Standard Mitsubishi LU2-4400-B0B / 4420-B0B Standard Spanish
Mitsubishi LS2-1130-M0B / -H0B / -B0B Standard Mitsubishi LS2-1130-M0B / -H0B / -B0B Standard Spanish
Mitsubishi LT2-2220-M0B / -B0B Standard Mitsubishi LT2-2220-M0B / -B0B Standard Spanish
Mitsubishi LY2-3300-B0B Standard Mitsubishi LY2-3300-B0B Standard Spanish

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