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HN-880C / 790G Needle Detector (Conveyor)

Hashima Needle Detector HN-880C*790G
Featuring 40M/min conveyor speed, adjustable conveyor speed for various accessories. Auto pre-check of sensor.

Scalability allows for connecting to RFID and barcode reader. Optional HS-601 sorter can be attached behind detector.

Equipped with 7 inch LCD touchpanel monitor; Operator selectes 2 types of sensitivity setting settings (10 stages (100 step))  and Sizing method (6 step).

Hashima HN880C

Model: Conveyor Type Needle Detector
Type: HN-880C-130/140/160/180, HN-790G-120
Detecting Method: Magnet induction System
Detecting Ability: Fe 0.8mm(120mm), Fe 1.0mm(140mm), Fe 1.2mm(160mm), Fe 1.5mm(180mm) sphere or above
Sensitivity Adjustment: Decimal (100 steps) or Sizing(6 steps)
Detecting Width: 600mm
Detecting Height: 120m(Standard) / 140mm / 160mm / 180mm (790G 120mm)
Alarm Method: Buzzer / Portion Lamp
Belt Speeed: 40~15m/Min
Power Supply: Single Phase
1:Rated Output 150W
Dimensions: 1598mm(L) x 1040mm(w) x 903mm(h)
Weight: 230Kg
Product Guider: Standard

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