GB Needles

Groz-Beckert – 770842 – DBXK5 SAN 1 GEBEDUR 90 Needle

GB System: DBXK5 SAN 1
Point Style: RG
Coating: GEBEDUR
Needle Size: 90 / 14
Packing Unit (Pcs): 100

Point style
Round point with small ball point:
Standard for chain stitch; for fine, delicate knit fabrics, microfiber, woven fabrics, sewing buttons, embroidery and fine, soft clothing leather (FST 401 and 406)
Application: Shirts, trousers, various types of garments
Other point designations: STU, STUB, S BALL, SET RT
GEBEDUR® – needles with titanium nitride coating
In demanding sewing processes, for instance when sewing hard materials and material combinations, needle wear often occurs, particularly in the point and eye area. The special GEBEDUR® surface coating provides the needle with increased wear resistance, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions much longer.

The special features
Titanium nitride surface coating: Higher of hardness than with standard needles.
The advantages:

Higher protection against wear and damage, primarily in the point and eye area. Consistently high standard of seam quality. Longer service life of needles. Increased productivity Due to the above specified characteristics, certain special application needles such as the SAN® 5 or the SAN® 6 are coated with GEBEDUR® as standard.

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