Consew Sewing Machines

CONSEW Model EF423AL-H Heavy Duty Single Needle 3 Thread Carpet Overeding Machine

The CONSEW Model Ef423AL-H is a heavy duty, single needle, 3 thread carpet overedging machine. Designed for overedging heavy-weight carpets and rugs. Easily sews high piles or fast backing materials. Features single needle and 3 threads. Changing a presser foot and cloth guide (special order parts) enables you to overedge around corves as well!

Number of Needles1 (Single)
WorkspaceStandard Workspace
Standard or Full FunctionsStandard Functions
Speed, Max S.P.M.2,000
Needle UsedEF x 42 (#26)
Stitch Range3mm – 7mm
Width of Overedging19/32″ (15mm)
Material Thickness Capability19/32″ (15mm)

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