MERROW Sewing Machines

MERROW 12-E Heavy Duty Joining

The Merrow 12-E is an American work-horse, intended for joining tough materials. Designed to handle difficult to sew materials and heavy work loads. Featuring Extra-high lift, flat butted seam favored when joining materials. Sews a 5/8″ butted-seam that is nearly as flat as the material itself. Long arm and high looper/needle throw. Provides 1600rpm; 4 – 12 SPI with standard needle range of 10S, 11S. Federal stitch type 501. 1 Thread.

 The 12-E requires a 1725RPM, 1/2HP (60hz) 110 or 220 volt, 1 or 3 phase motor. Typically used in textile joining applications; will joining anything from carpet to leather, as well as tough composites like Kevlar, heavy duty carbon fiber, fiberglass, turf and other geotextiles.


The Merrow 12-E will sew thousands of different material types; Woven fabric, knit fabric, Terry towel, Denim, Technical textiles and Nonwovens. Performs exceptionally well on mid-weight woven fabrics, and performs well on a huge number of materials from vulcanized rubber to fiberglass to insulation. 645 different needle plates and feed dogs, enables the machine to be modified to accommodate more demanding fabrics.

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