PEGASUS sewing technology is employed in many of your favorite clothing articles.

Various kinds of sewing technology, such as hand sewing, plain seaming, chain-stitching are used to complete each piece of comfortable-to-wear clothing. Especially chain-stitching, which utilizes the characteristics of stretchy fabrics, has a broad range of applications and is used for different parts of clothes. PEGASUS has been manufacturing “industrial Kan-nui (chain-stitching) machines” for many years, and we have developed our own, unique Kan-nui technology. Fortunately, PEGASUS now has earned the deep trust of our customers and we have been highly-praised, both at home and abroad, as a top-selling brand, featuring “industrial Kan-nui (chain-stitching) machines.”

We are very proud of the fact that PEGASUS technology is used in many of your favorite clothing. Hereafter, PEGASUS will strive to meet the challenge of creating new sewing technology in the rapidly changing fashion world.

Dunlap Sunbrand International, inc. is a proud top distributor world wide of Pegasus industrial sewing machines.

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