Dunlap Sunbrand - The single source supplier to the sewn products industry since 1968.

The Single Source Supplier

To the Sewn Products industry since 1968.

Sewing Supplies


This chair is only available in Mexico, for more information please contact our Torreon office.

Bevco – high quality, durable, comfortable seating solutions

Ecom – quality industrial seating combined with manufacturing excellence

Casters – Swivel & fixed, or glides available


Albatross – oils, lubricants, adhesives, spot removers, cleaning stations

Cherokee – aerosols, spot cleaning equipment, thread lubricant, spray lubricant

Sprayway – lubricants, adhesives, spot remover

WD-40 – spray lubricants, bulk lubricant, moisture displacement; thousands of uses

Machine oils in one and five gallon cans

IMAK Ink –  silver, black, yellow – pints and quart cans

Dyno – silicone spray


Automated Components – pocket creasers, fusing machines, stackers, metering devices, label picker

Hi-Steam/Naomoto – irons, boilers, pressing/finishing equipment

Hoffman/New Yorker – boilers, generators, vacuum tables, leggers, toppers

Reimers – electric steam boilers and generators

Dandux – canvas baskets, hampers, trucks, molded storage tubs

Silver Star – Irons

Naomoto – Irons

United Brass – valves and steam traps, check valves


Groz-Beckert – Quality producer of sewing needles since 1852, including Gebedur gold

Organ – Since 1939, over 5000 different types of needles. The original needle with most Japanese Sewing Machines

Schmetz – Since 1851, a leading manufacturer of quality sewing needles, including Blukold


Gold Seal – Shears, scissors, nippers

Mundial – cushion soft grips, micro serrated blades, two tone colors

Wiss – scissors, shears, tools, knives, snips

Wolff – scissors sharpeners


Decade wrist and back supports, anti-vibration gloves,

Industrial floor mats and matting

Ergonomic seating and sit/stand stools

Safety glasses, metal mesh gloves, needle guards, filter masks, LED lights, Redi-Label pneumatic dispensers, Handi-label pickers, Peggy’s stitch eraser, disposable ear plugs

Shop Tools/Abrasives

Crescent hand and power tools, Dotco, Lufkin, Weller soldering guns, Mitchell emery cord, Crocus cord

Dremel Handi grinders, cutting tools and accessories, stop watches, Horray Shade Markers

Gates -V- Belts


Feedrail overhead track, components and plug-in jacks

Sewing machine lights, bulbs, lasers

Mag-Lite flashlights

Pocket voltage testers

Electrical tape and wire



Wearwell floor pads, safe and comfortable matting, pallet jacks, aisle marking/safety tape, exit signage/battery backup